How to Clean Skirting Boards | The Quick and Easiest Way

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In our home, we need to clean almost every piece of furniture once a week. It is a must issue for keeping our home clean. Like other various types of furniture skirting boards need some extra effort to make it clean and vibrant. They need to be cleaned after a certain amount of time so that they look appealing.

It is a signature that carries royal society. In this article, we will describe briefly “how to clean skirting boards?” Let’s learn it in detail.


How often you should do the cleaning process?

It is a very basic question that everybody asks us how often should we clean the skirting boards? Well, there is no proper guideline that after that time you should do it. It depends on your situation. Normally we suggest you clean a few times a week. Normally, skirting boards are cleaned up every week somewhere in your home.

Another interesting that you can keep in mind, not all the skirting boards are the same. In the case of cupboards, it could be done once in three months. There are quite a few people who love to clean the skirting board once a day but it is not a good practice at all.

If you do this kind of task then it will certainly destroy the brightness of the skirting board.

The procedure of cleaning skirting boards properly

Let me tell you the best procedures that you can follow during the cleaning time. It is not a very hard task. Just you need to follow some rules and guidelines.

  • Firstly, take a piece of a soft cloth and you need to dust the skirting boards. Do this work properly.
  • Now, it’s time to add a brush attachment and it should be done on your vacuum cleaner.
  • Wipe the surfaces by using clean soap with water.
  • Sometimes you need to be tricky here if you have found some tough stains it could be the best solution to deal with polish, vinegar, and bleach. I hope you got the point perfectly.
  • After doing these things you need to wash it by using clean water and it will help you to get rid of any extra solution that is present there.

The Quick and Easiest way to clean the Skirting Boards

After completing the dusting procedure, you need to use a basic soap and water solution. This could be an effective technique to easily eradicate light stains that are being produced from spills. For any type of maintenance lacking, scuffs and so many things. Let me tell you the process

  • Collect warm soapy water and then you need to soak a cleaning cloth.
  • You need to make sure that the excess water from the cloth is wrung out properly.
  • Now you can easily wipe down your targeted surface

Have a look at the board! Are the strains and dirt removed properly? If it does properly then you need to clean the soap properly. Now you need to repeat the first and third process and this time you need to use soap-free clean water and you can use our normal water.

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What will you do if you found some tough stains?

This is another major challenge that you might face while removing tough stains. In this case, for getting a smart output you can use an acidic solution. Now you need some warm water, a cleaning cloth, vinegar, etc. Now, you can start the cleaning process.

Start it from the bottom and try to clear the bad patches. The mild acidity of the vinegar will help you to remove the bad spots from the skirting boards. Simply press the cloth on the skirting boards.

In this process, the mixture of soap with water will stop the extra power, and sometimes it will reduce the smell of vinegar so that you can continue the cleaning process without facing any kind of hassle.

Now, if you do not like vinegar then the last option could be bleach or polish instead of using vinegar. In this case, you need to know the manufacturer’s guidelines for the skirting board.

If it will disallow to use of that then you should stop this procedure and then go back to the previous step. This is not a very hard task and if you get confused then you can check a video tutorial on YouTube.

The necessity of using skirting boards

In the beginning, the skirting boards were used in a single room for decorative purposes. It can simply add some extra beauty to your room. The royal family loves to use these kinds of facilities then.

There is another common purpose that the skirting boards can serve us and that is protecting the wall from any major damage.

It can protect you from any accidental knocks. The skirting boards will provide you with a barrier that will be able to protect you from any kind of dents and scuffs which are being caused by people.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best thing to clean skirting boards with?

You can simply use warm soapy water to clean your skirting boards. Grab a clean cloth and scrub the board until you get the perfect shine.

How often should you clean skirting boards?

You should clean the skirting boards every 3-6 months. That’s a general estimation, but it may require quick cleaning if you live in a dusty area. In that case, you have to make sure of regular dusting.

How do you clean skirting boards without bending down?

Regular dusting and vacuuming can close the deal without bending down. You can simply grab the duster or a vacuum and get it all done.

How do you clean the skirting of a house?

You can use white vinegar and warm water to clean the skirting. Use the mixture alongside grabbing a cloth to scrub the area. However, ensure proper air circulation in the area to eliminate the vinegar smell.

Wrapping up

We have tried to teach you the various methods of cleaning skirting boards. I hope now you will be able to clean skirting boards and even if you face any kind of problem during cleaning do not forget to mail us. You can also put your precious opinion in the comment box. Thanks a lot for being with us.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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