7 Simple Ways To Get Cigarette Smell Out Of House

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While anyone smokes cigarettes at home, a stale odor shallows the indoor air quality. It is quite unpleasant for nonsmokers or kids. Moreover, contaminated air is not suitable for health. So you should improve the air quality by removing cigarette smoke. There are many smoke-eliminating processes, but you need to keep patience because it takes some time.

There are many air fresheners that claim to remove the cigarette smell but they only mask the odor and after some time, it comes back. Here we will share some guidance so that you can get the cigarette smell out of the house. These tips will help you to refine the air of your home. Sometimes one method or a combination of several techniques is needed to consume to remove the smell.


How to Get Cigarette Smell out of the house?

The home stinks like an ashtray after smoking inside the house for decades. It seems the acidic smoke is everywhere: furniture, curtains, drywall, carpet, clothes, and so on. But throwing stuff is not the solution and not worth your money. That’s why follow our workable tips below:

1. Proper Air Circulation

Keep the doors and windows open as long as the weather is suitable. Proper ventilation ensures air circulation that removes bad odors from the house. You can use a fan to blow air from outside to outside. Switch on the exhaust blower in the bathroom and kitchen. You can operate an air purifier with a HEPA filter that will capture all the molecules that cause odor. If the house has less cigarette smell this air filtration process will be the easiest way to remove the smoky odor.

Put the smoke-ridden clothes and furniture in a bright place for a few hours. The UV rays neutralize odors and kill bacteria. But excessive sunlight can fade the clothes and furniture varnish so keep them in a shady spot but make sure enough sunlight.

2. Wash all fabric

Fabric materials quickly penetrate the cigarette smoke, and it feels disgusting. The most effective way is to wash all fabric items: clothes, curtains, covers, pillows, linens, and everything of fabric. Choose a sunny day and wash these items. But remember, you should also work with the smoky air. While you bring the clothes to a smoke room, they will absorb the smell.

3. Baking soda

Baking soda is an excellent deodorizer that has been widely used for odor elimination. It swallows a smoky smell. You can use it in several ways. First, fill some small bowls with baking soda and place them on heavy smoky spots like cars, bedrooms, and living rooms. Leave them for two days and the smell will disappear.

Then sprinkle baking soda on carpet, rugs, upholstery, and chairs. The thin layer of baking soda will absorb the smell. Leave the baking soda for at least 24 hours on the places, then vacuum it up.

Some items like books and decor items can not be washed. For these items, take a large sealed bag and pour a cup of baking soda. Put all the smoke-ridden items into the bag and shut the bag for 10 hours. Then bring out the stuff, and give it a good shake to get off the powder.

4. Vinegar

White vinegar is the best nontoxic remedy that neutralizes cigarette smell. This household staple doesn’t mask the odor, it fully eliminates bad odors. Vinegar has low pH molecules that diminish the cigarette high smoke molecule. Though vinegar has its own strong smell, it will soon fade once dried.

The applying process is similar to the baking soda technique. Take white vinegar into small bowls and keep them in a room or car. Leave the bowls overnight to set. You can also apply the steaming process. In a pot boil, vinegar and steam will mix with air and absorb the smoke smell. It will take nearly one or two hours.

If your clothes have a cigarette smell, then add half a cup of vinegar with laundry detergent. The acidic vinegar will help to neutralize the odor.

5. Charcoal

Active carbon is a great way to trap cigarette smell. It cleans the air effectively. You will get packaged charcoal in fabric or burlap bags in many home improvement stores that are labeled as a smoke eliminator.

However, you can make your own charcoal bags. Purchase some activated carbon and put them in a fabric bag. Hand it on the wall of a smoky room, smoke-damaged carpeting.

6. Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is beneficial to remove smoke smell from the walls, floors, upholstery, and air. Professional cleaners use steaming machines to remove odor from the house and they also provide rent service. But you can apply the simple and easiest way to deodorize without hiring or renting professionals. Boil potful water and mix vanilla extract, citrus fruits, or essential oils. Boil it for 1 hour and let the steam travel through your room.

7. Scented candle

Many people use candles for home decor but it is also effective to eliminate the cigarette smell in the house. Perfumed and scented candles mask the cigarette smell. If you need an instant odor removing way then you can light a candle with your favorite fragrance. Cedarwood and Vanilla are very traditional fragrances but you can choose yours. But never let the candle burn when you are not at home.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the fastest way to remove cigarette smell?

There are several ways to quickly remove cigarette smell. Steam cleaning is the best and fastest way to get rid of the cigarette smell. Also, air variation and washing clothes help to remove the cigarette smell.

How long does it take for cigarette smell to wear off?

The timing of smell removal is varied depending on the room size. You can remove the smell in a few hours from a well-ventilated room. Moreover, an air purifier installed room can easily clean the air after the cigarette is extinguished.

Does the ozone generator remove the cigarette smell?

An ozone generator creates an artificial ozone layer. It reacts with contaminants that are present on the walls, air, and fabrics of the room. This generator also traps the nasty smoky molecule from the air. These ozone generators are not costly and you can save your time and effort using this machine.

Should I paint walls to remove the cigarette smell from the house?

If there is an intense cigarette smell in the room, then painting is an effective way to remove this odor. On the other hand, you can give a new look to your home. But painting the walls can be expensive. So you should try other methods to remove the smoke smell. If they are not working, then you can paint the walls.

Final Words

Getting cigarette smell out of the house is possible following these amazing 7 methods. These methods will give you a satisfying result. However, you should take steps to prevent the smell from the house. Throw away all the ashtrays and make a private smoke area, far away from the bedroom and living room.

If you are shifting to a new apartment and find a cigarette smell, it will be very unpleasant. So you should apply these techniques to get clean and fresh air inside your home.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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