Top 8 Solutions On How To Make Your House Smell Good

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Your house can give off awful smells caused by a lot of reasons. No matter what the reason is, you can always have an escape from the bad smell by relying on some hacks. Now if you are worried about the noxious smell, we are here to save you from that.

Yes, you guessed it right. Our today’s discovery will be over how to make your house smell good. We will share the top 8 tips that you can use to make your house smell like heaven. The tips will include household ingredients and shop products both. Each of the ways is equally effective so you can stick to any one of those as you like. If you want, you can even choose multiple tips at a time.


How To Make Your House Smell Good | Top 8 Solutions

When our house smells good we feel at peace and the good smell also makes our mood transcendent. The good smell puts a great impact on mental health as well. But your house can smell bad because for many reasons, even air can bring bad smell from outside.

That’s why you can’t help taking some immediate measures to make your house smell good! Hereby our top 8 solutions are here which may help you.

Solution-1: Put Scented Essential Oils In The Air Filter

People always notice the smell of your house when they enter your house. Want to avoid that wretched look? To make your house smell fresh and great you can put some essential oil into your air filter.

Make sure to bring high-quality essential oil. Always pick essential oils that won’t contain any chemicals to harm your air filter. If you don’t own an air filter, you can just put some essential oils in a spray bottle and mix it with water.

Afterward, just spray that water in every corner of your house. Specifically, spray in the window area so that the scent also comes along with the breeze every time air enters your room.

You can use lemon, lavender, or any other scented flavor to make your house smell wonderful. Those will not only make your house smell great but also will give you refreshment every time you breathe!

Solution-2: Clean All The Garbage Reservoirs

The awful smell of your house might be coming from the garbage disposal or any other garbage bucket at your home. So to make your house smell good you have to clean your garbage buckets regularly.

After throwing the garbage out, you can clean the buckets with scented detergent, lemon drops, dish liquid, or any other scented cleanser after getting rid of the garbage every time. Make sure to clean every part of the bucket so that it looks fresh.

Once you are done with the cleaning, there will be no bad smell left. This method works magically. On the other hand, to clean the disposal you have to gather orange and lemon peels and make ice cubes out of them. Put them into the disposal and clean the blades with your favorite cleanser. All your disposal and house will smell perfect again!

Tips: You can just use big disposable garbage bags to put your garbage into. That will reduce your struggle to clean the bucket and throw out the garbage without making a mess.

Solution-3: Sprinkling Baking Soda On Different Spots

To make your house smell great, firstly you have to keep the spots clean from where bad smells can be emitted. Carpets are one of those places which create an odd and irritating smell. If your carpet is dirty or wet, it will make your whole house smell bad.

Sprinkling baking soda on every carpet of your house will make all the odor go away and your house will smell good all over again. First, sprinkle baking soda on the carpets and let that sit for 15 minutes. Lastly, vacuum the carpets properly and you will be all done.

Solution-4: Make Your Own Diy Air Freshener

Many of us don’t feel secure using commercial air fresheners. Because they may contain harmful chemicals and the smell they create starts getting awful after a few moments. At that phase, you can plan your own escape by making a DIY air freshener. Making DIY air freshener will help you breathe with refreshment.

Procedure: Gather water, alcohol, and essential oil. You can choose lemon or lavender essences as well. Mix all the ingredients properly and place them into a spray bottle and you will be all done with making your DIY air freshener. You can store this at room temperature.

Again, if you don’t want to go with the hassle of making a DIY air freshener, you can rely on chemical-free air fresheners. Many available air fresheners contain no chemicals to harm you.

We would recommend “Botanica by Air Wick Air Freshener” because it contains no harmful chemicals. Also, the smell is wonderful. Alongside, we noticed that the smell of this air freshener lasted longer than any usual air fresheners.

If you still don’t find the spray air fresheners helpful, you can switch to bottled natural air fresheners. Smells Begone Freshener Odor Absorber is an alternative option that you can go for. This is made with all-natural ingredients. All you have to do is just place it inside your house in the corners and your work will be done!

Solution-5: Cinnamon Can Be More Than A Herb

The smell of cinnamon always boosts the mood. Now imagine, what if your house smells like that? The process is easy, just grind 4-5 cinnamons, and place those on a baking sheet. Afterward, bake that in the oven for 20-30 minutes at 200°F temperature. Then just bring it out and place the sheet in the corners of your house or under the carpets. You will notice the difference by yourself.

Solution-6: Simmering Can Be A Diy Fragrance Maker!

We all know how incredible lemon smells! Similarly, orange peels can change the bad smell and turn your home’s smell into a heavenly one within minutes. What you can do is take 2-3 orange peels and 2-3 lemons. (you can use lemon drops as well).

Pour those into a bowl of water and then place the bowl over your stove. Now boil that water for 15 minutes and the fragrance will reach everywhere inside your house.

Solution-7: Coffee Grounds Works Magically

The hack is very easy. Just take 1-2 tablespoons full of coffee grounds and sprinkle those in the smelly areas of your house. Though it might be costly for some of us the smell is amazing.

Solution-8: Home Plants Can Be the Purifier

Home plants don’t only increase the beauty of your home, some of those also help with air purifying. Plants like palm trees, orchids, and peace lilies can help you emit away all the bad smells that your house has. These are natural air purifiers that also increase the beauty of your house multiple times.

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How To Protect The House From Smelling Bad?

If you want to know how to make your house smell good, we would say, as always, protection is better than cure. So now, we will share some ways that you can follow to avoid bad smells. Before trying any solution to making your house smell great, you can make a ritual of these tips to avoid the bad smell appearing. Here are a few tips for you:

  • Make your garbage disposed of every single day. Always cover the garbage in sealed bags so that no odor can come out.
  • Don’t let any dead insects stay in any of the rooms. You can use insect killers once a week if your living area troubles you with insects.
  • Don’t let wet clothes or carpets remain wet and create an odor and unbearable smell. Dry those off as soon as possible. If you have washed carpets, dry those off in direct sunlight and try to open up all the windows.
  • Always keep your kitchen stuff clean. Rotten foods and dirty dishes can make your home smelly.
  • Instead of using artificial flowers in flower vases, bring fresh flowers and change the flowers of the flower vase every day.
  • Spray the shoe rack and stinky shoes using scented perfume or cleanser. Regular maintenance of the shoe rack can avoid smells coming from the racks.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I do to keep my house smelling great all day long?

There are several ways of making your house smell great. But the first thing you should do is detect and keep the garbage disposal or any other place which can produce a bad smell neat and clean. Then you can go for air fresheners, flowers, DIY hacks, and so on. And the most important thing you should do is instead of using any kind of artificial fragrance, use natural ones!

What absorbs bad smells in the Room?

Odor eliminators such as coffee beans, tea, vinegar, baking soda, and oats will help you to absorb the bad smell from any of the rooms of your house. Whenever you feel that your room is smelling bad, get a bowl, fill that with any of these ingredients and leave that in that room for a few hours. After a few whiles, you won’t find any bad smell and your room will smell fresh all over again.

Is it possible to make the garbage disposal smell good?

Definitely, it is! Lemon or orange peels have the magical power of absorbing bad smells and providing the area with a fresh fragrance. You can make ice cubes out of lemon and orange peels and put them at your disposal. Clean the blades of the disposal as well. This way you will be able to make the bad smell of garbage disposal absorbed as well.

How can I bring a warm and fresh smell to my house?

The easiest way of doing so is by bringing fresh flowers for your flower vases. You can also use your DIY air freshener made with lemon or lavender accents. Vanilla accents also help to create a fresh smell. Another thing you can do is spray white vinegar, white vinegar will absorb all the bad smells additionally. Surprisingly baking cookies will also make your house smell good.

Should I spend money on expensive fresheners to make my home smell great?

You shouldn’t if money is a concern. Making your house smell good is not as hard as you assume. If you keep your house clean then there won’t be any bad smell. To add a good smell you can bring flowers from your garden or buy cheaper flowers.

Moreover, there are several ways of making your house smell great using household remedies. So there is no necessity of buying expensive fresheners which may contain harmful chemicals. In addition, we have also shared an air freshener that you get at a reasonable price.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, we have fed your interest in the question of how to make your house smell good entirely. Now just follow our given ways and tips to make your home smell better. We personally suggest going with the easiest way is to use an air freshener or air purifier.

The air freshener that we have suggested is incredible in quality and lasts longer than any usual air freshener. This one doesn’t contain any chemicals as well. Alongside, you can follow the tips that we shared to stop the bad smell from coming in the first place. If you want, you can follow the DIY hacks as well for a better outcome at a low cost.

Lastly, remember to clean the garbage every day, this habit can save your back from any bad smells. Precautions can save you from the smell in a better way. Good luck!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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