Why Does My Toilet Flush Slow & Incompletely | How to Fix

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In our life, sometimes we have to deal with some irritating problems that will normally hamper our daily lifestyle. Toilet flushing problems can ruin our daily lifestyle, and you can be frustrated. Sometimes our toilet is flushing at a slow speed, and it takes some valuable time from us.

In this article, we will dig out a very common topic like “toilet flush slow,” and we will find out the solutions to it. Let’s explore the major reasons.


Why toilet flushes slowly and incompletely?

It is a very common question to all of us why is that happening again and again? Slow flushing toilets can destroy your comfort zone and will make you unhappy after completing the toilet.

One of the most important facts is if you have found that the tank of your toilet is too small or low. It can cause a slow flow of water and we have identified it as the major fact in this issue.

In this situation, it will not have enough pressure to generate a fast and accurate flash. Somehow, if your toilet is clogged with something it could be an accumulation of debris. If this happens frequently then your toilet flushes will become slow and incomplete.

The other necessary causes are waste pipes, rim jets or siphon jets are responsible for partially clogged. To get rid of this kind of awkward problem we need to clear the blockage and after that adjust the system with proper water levels.

How to fix a slow flushing toilet?

Now you need to learn all the basic problems for a slow flushing toilet and their possible solutions. Let’s discuss them step by step.

1. The Jet flash hole or the Siphon jet is clogged in a bad way

We know that the Jet flash hole is being considered as a Siphon jet. It is a major compartment in front of the toilet that can hold and release water at an angle after that it will push the wastewater into the trap upon each flush.

After a certain period here calcium and other deposits will develop here and they can block the jet flash hole. It will reduce the toilet flashing power after a certain period.

The Advanced Solution

In this perspective, you may use an acidic toilet cleaner and brush it properly to clean the jet flash hole. A small brush could be a smart choice here and it will help you to clean all the edges properly. Do this process 3-4 times and then it will be completely clear.

2. The rim jets are closed

You can find rim jets underneath the rim of your toilet. It must release the water from the tank when you will flash it properly. Like the jet flash hole here deposits will develop in the area of the rim jets over time. It will cause blockage of water and a weak flushing power which is responsible for slow toilet flush.

If the water is not coming out aggressively it will be high time for you to look after the flush and then solve it.

It’s an effective Solution

A plumber’s putty can help you to clean your toilet accurately. You need to use acidic toilet cleaner in the overflow tube that is located in the toilet tank. After several hours later you need to remove the plumber’s putty and then flush it again and again. It will help you to clean all the debris.

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3. Low water tank

It is a very common phenomenon that if the tank is too short and it is unable to carry proper water then your flush will not work properly. It will increase the risk of clogging due to the bad water pressure and the problem will increase on and on.

The accurate water level in a toilet tank could be described as right below the overflow pipe. If you have found that the tank water is below the targeted mark, then you can easily find out the root cause of the very poor and bad flushing toilet.


Here the water level is determined by the float and it is located in the tank. After flashing the toilet, the water will flow from the tank into the targeted bowl. After that, the float will be dropping. It will help them to open the fill valve and then gradually allow the new water to come into the tank.

When the tank will refill the float will rise with the water. When it will meet a certain height the fill valve closes.

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4. The water level in the bowl is too low

If the water level of the bowl has a limited capacity, then it won’t flush with proper strength. Suppose your toilet tank is fully normal on the other hand the water level of the bowl is low you will have an issue with the fill valve apparatus which is situated in the tank.

Now if the fill valve is leaking water it will turn the water pressure away from the tube.

It’s Solution

In this case, the solution is pretty simple and you need to replace the faulty fill valve apparatus quickly. After that set up a new one. It could be a bit confusing if you haven’t done that before.

If there are too many problems, there are a lot of video tutorials available. It is one of the effective slow flushing toilet solutions that you can follow instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I fix a slow flushing toilet?

As we all know, vinegar is a savior on every side. So you can simply pour distilled white vinegar into the flush and use a toilet brush to break the mineral. However, installing a water softener may give a permanent solution to the problem.

Why does my toilet have a delayed flush?

If the water tank has a low water level, it can cause a delayed flush. As there is not enough water to flush, it can cause a slowed flush or swirling.

Can you increase toilet flush pressure?

Some toilets have a water valve located along the pipe (near the floor). If the valve is turned off, you will most likely get slowed water pressure. So, in such cases, turning it on will solve your problem.

Why does my toilet flush sometimes and not others?

Poor water pressure can cause this. You have to wait until the water tank is fully refilled. However, you can also check if the water valve under the toilet is turned on or not. If it’s turned off, turn it on to get the right water pressure.

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Toilet flush slow can be recognized as our daily life problem. Weak flushing toilets are a very common issue in our living home. If you face these kinds of problems, do not get panicked follow our tips and we hope it will help you to overcome the critical situation easily.

If you do not find a solution, then you should call a plumber, and hopefully, they will help you to overcome this critical situation. Please visit our website and here you will get some free tips on entire house cleaning. Thanks a lot for being with us. Have a good day!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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