How to Get Roomba to Clean the Whole House | Ultimate Guide

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iRobot Roomba series is one of the best devices in the robot vacuum segment. It never gets bored and distracted. Even it doesn’t mind tidying up your home every day. After seeing hundreds of positive reviews, you must own your Roomba cleaner. But surprisingly, you can not get the expected cleaning result.

The Roomba series is well-known for its high performance. If there is no default on the build quality, then you are highly mistaken to understand the operating system. Here we will notify you why it doesn’t clean your room and also tell you the solution on how to get Roomba to clean the whole house.


How Does Roomba Work?

Roomba is a smart home appliance that intelligently cleans your home. It features iAdapt 1.0 Navigation Technology, including a responsive algorithm to clean the area. Roomba detects dirt and grime from all around the room in the cleaning cycle, even on the edges and under furniture. Once it cleans the dirt from the particular space, it moves in the other direction.

Roomba can effectively cover a small room, but it can not incorporate a large room at a stretch due to the battery life. However, it has a resume and continuous features. If the robot’s battery is about to finish, it reaches the base, charges itself, and automatically returns to resume work. After finishing the task, it gets back to the dock.

iAdapt Technology helps to map out a place and clean it. The most advanced feature of the technology is it stores data for future monitoring. With the Roomba App, you can monitor the cleaning areas.

How to get Roomba to clean the whole house?

Roomba robot vacuum makes your cleaning task effortless. Whether you have pets or kids, you can better tackle the cleaning job. Pets who always leave furs, paw mud, or make spills, you can clean them easily.

The advanced features are great for whole room cleaning. Many place the robot vacuum in the living room, but it can clean the whole house. However, there are some aspects to getting Roomba to clean the whole house.

Eliminate Obstacles

The robot vacuum is designed to clean every place within its reach. Due to the advanced sensors, it recognizes the obstacles that it may dump into. If the Roomba tracks any physical obstacles on the floor, it won’t clean the place. That is why you have to eliminate obstacles to clean the whole house. Remove clutter from especially the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and other rooms of the house.

Stairs facts

Roomba is a compact and portable device. It can only climb 0.8 inches that are suitable to climb from bare floor to carpet or other items. So the device can not support moving up and downstairs. Moreover, many have a fall detection sensor that detects stairs and moves the way of the path. Roomba is unable to clean multi-level houses.


Furniture is permanent floor items and they also hinder the Roomba’s movement. While it shifts for a few inches, it can make a huge difference and those few inches of the floor remain unclean. For this reason, you can set the map to the Roomba and notify it where to clean.

Wire barrier

In the era of technology, we have wires everywhere including TV wires, chargers, lamp wires, and so on. It is avoidable to have wires cluttering the house. Though Roomba can deal with these cables sometimes it becomes hard to access certain areas in the home. If you want a seamless cleaning operation from Roomba, we recommend trying the weird bundle and lifting them up from the floor. The cable pins are helpful to tie the individual wires.

Wall detect sensor

Roomba features wall detect sensors that keep it away from bumping with walls. The sensor makes certain limitations for Roomba while cleaning. By its setting, Roomba creates an invisible wall in the doorways, which doesn’t allow it to move to the next room. You can remove these boundaries and allow Roomba to clean the whole house.

Water Threats

Never allow getting attached water and electronics devices. If there is liquid on the floor, then remove it immediately. You surely don’t want that your pricey Roomba gets damaged because of sucking up moisture from the floor. Water is harmful to the Roomba in many aspects and damage many parts like the electric motor, sensor, circuitry, etc.

If you don’t expect this sort of damage, remove fluid from the path of cleaning. Keep the pet’s drinking bowl, pots, or other water-loaded objects away from Roomba. There is one trick you can follow — use a physical barrier or turn on the virtual barrier feature. The virtual barrier is the same function that we talked about earlier. It creates an invisible wall that Roomba won’t cross.

Keep the light on

Most Roomba models use an optical sensor to clean around the house. If you don’t turn on the lights then it won’t detect obstacles and dirt. In turn, you won’t perfect cleaning results. If you prefer to clean the house at night, then you should ensure a light source so that Roomba uses all sensors and clean the whole house efficiently.

Placing the charging dock

If you have a big house, then surely Roomba can not clean the whole house at a stretch. So it needs to be charged certainly. Unlike Roomba, almost all robot vacuums find their way to the charging dock. It depends on the vacuum power and how fast it recognizes its dock.

The charging dock should place on an open and even ground so that Roomba can easily find out its dock without your assistance. The dock should be placed against the wall and make sure the path is obstacle-free.

Make sure you always plugged in the charging dock. When the robot vacuum is not operating, it will stay in the charger so that it can be ready whenever you need it.

Clean your Roomba

Maintenance is important to get efficient cleaning. So be sure to clean the bin of Roomba regularly. Along with the bin, clean the dust and debris from the filters and cut the stuck hair from the brushes. Also, wipe out thoroughly the sensors and charging contacts so that they stay in the tip-top shape.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is my Roomba not cleaning the whole room?

Roomba is an intelligent robot vacuum that operates according to the set map and sensors. If there is any issue with the sensor or you did not set a suitable map, it won’t clean perfectly. Here we give you the solutions to how you can make it efficient.

How to set a map in the Roomba?

There is an iRobot App that is designed especially for Roomba vacuum. You can connect the vacuum with the app via wifi and monitor it. Using the app, you can set a map and make a schedule of its cleaning time.

How to add a new room to the map?

You can add a new room to the Smart Map using the app. There is a New Job button where you can highlight “New Space Found.” and add the new room location. Meanwhile, the Smart Map should automatically be updated with the new space.

Final Words

Robot vacuums make our daily cleaning job effortless. You do not even keep an eye on it when Roomba is cleaning your house. But many users do not make it workable for the whole house. There are some reasons that we discussed earlier. If your Roomba is having the same issue and does not clean the whole house, then you should obey our recommendations. If there is no technical problem, then your Roomba surely cleans your whole room effectively.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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