How to Keep House Clean with Kids | 7 Tips that will Help You

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Keeping the house clean when kids are hovering all around is a challenging task. For example, after cleaning your house, the kids can mess it all up within no time. But you can keep your house clean and all the things in an organized way by learning how to keep the house clean with kids.

You may find a lack of energy in the beginning when you will have to both look after your kid and clean the house. There are some tips and steps to follow even when your small kids are making the house messy. But you need to do things systematically and keep the energy level high to deal with those situations.


The Reasons Why You Need to Keep House Clean with Kids

When you have kids, keeping your house unorganized and cluttered is no less than a crime. It can create chaos in the house, which will be tough to handle. So, you need to keep the house clean with kids, and let’s see the reasons why you should do so:

  • It will be easier for you to find the necessary things to take care of your kids in a clean and organized house 
  • The chance of kids getting hurt will be comparatively less. 
  • A clean house will keep your mind fresh, and you will remain energetic 
  • There will be less chance of kids catching allergies, asthma, or other diseases

How to Keep House Clean with Kids

There is nothing wrong with the mentality of always keeping your house neat and clean. A tidy and organized house even keeps your mind healthy, along with providing energy for looking after kids. An organized and clean house will also help you find necessary things and complete various tasks efficiently.

Though when kids are around, it is a bit tough to keep the house clean and organized. Because no matter what you do, they will always want to mess up things knowingly or unknowingly. So, there are some tips that you can follow to keep your house neat and clean with kids, and those are:

Tip-1: Prepare a Cleaning Schedule

Unorganized cleaning won’t help to get things in order. Instead, it can make you tired more, and things can get messier and more unclean. That’s why working on a schedule is essential in this matter. So, the first thing you need to do is create a list of your household chores.

When you clean the house by following a routine, things will seem easier to handle. Because of that, it will become your regular habit. As a result, it will save your time compared to when you clean your house without any routine. Thus, there will be enough time for you to look after the kids.

Maybe you need to clean your house frequently when your kids are small. But maintaining the cleaning schedule will make the whole process a whole lot of time saver. As your kids will gradually grow up, you can also teach them to clean your house based on a routine specially made for them.

Tip-2: Try to Keep as Less Clutter as Possible

When you are willing to keep your house clean and organized, you need to deal with the clutter first. Kid’s toys, papers, towels, and clothes remaining here and there will make the house look messy. The clutter of toys must have been the top-most headache creator in the cluttering cases.

The sole responsibility for this scenario is the kids of your house. To keep the toys organized, you need to keep a basket dedicated to the toys in every room. Then, every hour of the day, check whether the toys are in their place or not.

If they are not, you need to put them in the right place, which will be easier because of the baskets. You can keep dedicated baskets for each of the things that kids touch the most, like clothes, diapers, paper, and pencils. A large box can help you as well to keep things in order.

You can even teach your kids to put their toys and other things in the proper place if they are old enough. If they still don’t learn, you can try to take their toys away for hours and even days. It might help them to teach a valuable lesson on not to create a mess with toys or other things.

Tip-3: Choose Safe Cleaning Products for Kids

The cleaning products need to be safe enough for the kids as they can accidentally touch or even put them in their mouths. That’s why you need to use safe bio-cleaners to keep your kids safe and secure. Also, try to keep the kids away from the floor or those areas where you applied the chemicals.

The kids should stay away from those places at least for 30 minutes after applying the cleaners. Then, when you use safe cleaning products, your kids will remain safer and more secure. All the vacuum, floor cleaner, and bathroom spray need to be safe for the betterment of your kids.

Tip-4: Keep the Cleaners Away from The Kids

Safe cleaners will be beneficial as they are not harmful to the kids when applied. But still, you need to keep those cleaners away from the kids. Because they won’t understand what those cleaners are and also for which task those cleaners have been held there. So, the kids can touch or eat them without even knowing.

It can result in a terrible way by making your kids sick. So, no matter which cleaning products you are using, always store them in a place out of the reach of your kids.

Tip-5: Keep the Things Simple and Minimalist

It won’t be a good idea to keep a huge number of things in your house when the kids are around. The more your house will have accessories and belongings; the more your kids will make them messier, unclean, and cluttered. It is obvious no matter how often you clean them or how much effort you put into them.

That’s why you need to prevent its way before letting it happen. You can reduce the cleaning task by keeping your accessories and belongings as few as possible. Just keep the necessary things that you and your kids will require. If there are more accessories, you can choose a room and keep the unnecessary stuff stored there.

When you have simple and minimal accessories in your house, cleaning them will require less effort. As a result, you will have more times to spend with your kids and take proper care of them. Thus, your kids will have less time to roam around your house to mess with the accessories and belongings.

Tip-6: Don’t Wait for the Next Day to Clean Things

You need to strictly follow your cleaning schedule regularly to keep things in order. But some don’t care to follow the routine and keep their cleaning task pending for the next day. It is never an idea to go with as it will just make your list of work longer.

When you keep your work pending for days, it will be pretty impossible for you to bear that pressure. As a result, you won’t be able to spend more time with your kids, and they will have more time to make your house messier than ever.

That’s why never wait for the next day to clean your house. Instead, follow the routine correctly, complete the day-to-day cleaning task, and spend more time with your kids. It will allow you to take more rest as well to restore your energy to wake up and work with total energy on the next day.

Tip-7: Use Storage-friendly Accessories

When the kids are around, the hardest thing to deal with is the storage of the accessories. Use the empty spaces of your house to keep your belongings. It can be under your bed or on the table in your room. You can also use a bed with a box below to store clothes or other things.

A foldable table can also help you keep your things organized way. You can open it when necessary and fold it when not needed to enlarge the space of your room. When there is more space for the kids to roam around, they won’t mess with other things that much.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Does A Dirty House Affect A Child?

An unhygienic atmosphere or house environment can mentally and physically affect your baby. They can develop different health issues like rashes, asthma, and stress. Besides, if you want to teach your baby tidiness, you must ensure cleaning the house daily.

How Do I Keep My Toddler Busy While Cleaning?

You can do a few simple things to engage your kids in cleaning. You can let them help to clean up their playing space by arranging the toys in place. Also, you can give them coloring books to keep them busy, so they cannot distract you while cleaning.

What Is A Good House Cleaning Schedule?

You have to mop the bedroom floor every day if you have children. However, you can make a schedule by dividing the rooms into different weekdays. Thus, you must keep every room for cleanup at least twice a week.

How Often Should A House Be Deep Cleaned?

Deep cleaning the house once or twice a year is enough. However, if you want to reduce the deep cleaning struggles, ensure daily minimal cleaning of the house, so the work doesn’t pile up. If you have children at home, it’s better to dee clean the house every four months.

How Often Should You Change Your Sheets?

Your bed sheets should be cleaned once every week. However, if you don’t use the mattress regularly, like for guest rooms, you can change the bed sheets once in two weeks. Sometimes, if you spill something on the sheets, then you need to take immediate action in changing the sheets.

Final Thoughts

Kids in every house are meant to mess things around, and you can’t totally prevent that from happening. All you can do is lessen the mess and then keep your house as clean as possible. You may need to clean your house frequently but cleaning by following a day-to-day routine will make it easier.

There are some tips and hacks to follow after learning how to keep the house clean with kids. Cleaning your house by reminding them will save your energy for the next day. It will also open up the opportunity in front of you to spend more time with your kids. Thus, the kids won’t have much time to mess things around.

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