5 Steps To Remove Stains In Carpet That Keep Coming Back

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No one likes spills and stains on the carpet. But accident happens, and some stains prove so stubborn, like pet accidents, tomato sauce, red wine, or coffee stains. With the normal cleaning procedures, you can remove these stains though. But often, the stain sets in over time and returns to the surface.

Due to soiling and wicking, the stain on the carpet keeps coming back. To remove these stains, you can use soapy water on the stained surface. After applying the solution, wipe with a white towel and dry the surface completely.

We know it feels frustrating when older stains come back on the carpet. But you can get rid of these problems following simple methods. Go through the whole content; you will get a detailed guide.


Why Do Carpet Stains Keep Coming Back?

The carpet is a cozy and beautiful addition to your home. You always need to maintain it to keep its beautiful appearance, and it is not that easy. Some stains are keep coming back even after treated. There are mainly two reasons behind this stain repair. They are:

1. Wicking

If you spill some liquid penetrates like coffee, juice, or drink, it easily goes underneath the carpet and reaches the padding. It happens so quickly as soon as you take any step. After cleaning the spot disappeared but there is still liquid residue on the fibers that works as a wick. When a stain reappears it’s called wicking.

It works like a lamp wick that draws the oil to the top and let it light. The carpet fiber works in the same way when it absorbs liquid. It becomes visible after some time. However, liquid causes wicking and it can happen when you clean manually with water and chemicals or use machines to clean.

Many homeowners rent DIY hot water units that promised to give professional quality. But in reality, the machines can’t extract the moisture that they put on the carpet fiber.

These machines overwet the carpet and create more problems rather than solve them. They push residues beneath the carpet fiber and later wick to the top.

2. Soiling

Soiling is caused when you treated the carpet with various cleaning solutions. After using any cleaning agent, if you don’t rinse and dry the carpet properly, the leftover particles caused soiling.

The particles work like little magnets that catch dirt, dust, and debris. Afterwhile, the collected dirt and debris look like the original stain that reappeared.

That’s why we always recommend cleaning the residue of the cleaning solution and drying the carpet completely. However, soiling appears unknowingly. Even professional carpet cleaning companies may do the mistake. They use detergent cleaning products and sometimes don’t rinse thoroughly.

Some spillage is directly involved in soiling. For example, Grease, adhesive tape, oil, sugar, cosmetic products, tanning oil, etc. If you don’t clean them properly, it will cause soiling.

How To Remove Stains In Carpet That Keep Coming Back?

Don’t worry, if the carpet stains reappear due to wicking or soiling. Here are the steps you need to consume:

Step 1: Make light suds with water and liquid dishwashing soap. Mix a teaspoon of dishwashing soap with a bowl of water.

Step 2: Spray the solution on the stained area. Make sure you don’t oversaturate the surface. Cover the stain completely and leave it for some time to soak.

Step 3: Now, take a white clean towel and blot the area back and forth in a circular motion. Don’t rub or scrub the area harshly as it can damage the carpet fiber. The cleaning solution will be enough for stains.

Step 4: Take a dry cloth or towel and soak the wet area properly by pressing down. It will work more effectively if you give some weight over the towel and let it for some hours. The towel will extract the staining liquid from the padding and dry quickly.

Step 5: Remove the towel and use a vacuum extracting residue. It would be better to utilize a shop-vac to clean the carpet. It will give extra strength to the extraction process. Repeat the process as long as you can see improvement and the stain begins to dry.

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How To Prevent Wicking?

Cleaning the reappeared stains is not enough, you should take steps for prevention. There are a few rules that help you to prevent wicking.

  • Don’t let the spills set on the carpet for a longer time, like coffee, soda, or any dark liquids.
  • Dry the carpet thoroughly after applying a watery cleaning agent.
  • When the spills occur try to soak the liquid using dry cloths so that it doesn’t go underneath the padding.
  • Always use a white towel or paper towel to blot the dark liquids.
  • If there is a lot of moisture trap on the carpet, use dry cloths and weigh them down with something heavy and leave them overnight. This technique will soak the liquid below the padding.
  • In case there is a small rag or carpet, you can pull it out and dry it completely.
  • Vacuum the carpet regularly and keep it clean as possible.

How to Prevent Soiling?

If you have pets and kids in the home, it is nearly impossible to prevent soiling off your carpet. However, you should still take the necessary steps for prevention. Try to keep clean the house to minimize residue on the carpeting. Dust and vacuum regularly.

It would be better if you hire experienced carpet cleaners to deal with soiling. They have top-of-the-line equipment to lift off the residue from the carpet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can wicking stains be removed?

You can remove the wicking stains easily. You need to apply a light soapy solution to the stained surface. In this post, you can get a detailed solution for removing wicking stains from the carpet. 

How do stop carpets from soiling?

If the carpet stain occurred due to the result of soiling, you should treat it with warm soapy water. After cleaning, you must make sure you remove all the residue and dry the spot fully. If you don’t do this, soiling will reappear again and again. 

Why does my carpet look worse after cleaning?

Most carpet cleaning solutions contain detergent substances. But the soap residue is sticky after drying and attracts dirt and grime. Leaving soap and shampoo residue makes the carpet worse look. It is more visible in high-traffic areas, when anyone walks on the carpet, dirt from their feet sticks in the carpet fibers.

What is the best thing to clean carpets with?

Simple water and vinegar solution is the best thing to clean carpets. Because they don’t leave adhesive residue after cleaning. Moreover, it is safe to use in most carpets.

Final Words

Cleaning stains from the carpet is a time-consuming task and needs effort. So it is the worst feeling when you see the stain reappearing. Yet, you can remove the stain but you should be more careful about soiling and wicking.

The above tips and tricks will be helpful in this regard. Moreover, you should always be careful to minimize spills on the carpet. If the stain becomes worse, you should consult with a professional.

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