How to Remove Dog Hair from Carpet | With & Without a Vacuum

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While dogs can be loyal companions and even part of the family, the dog hair from your furry friend is something different. Your pet is free to go almost anywhere in the house and so with time, their fur spreads everywhere. It can be especially difficult to remove dog hair from the carpet and rugs in the house. It may give you comfort to wrap your floors with carpets and spend time with your dog, but that hair will give you no such thing.

One of the common ways to remove dog hair from the carpet is by vacuuming the place. There are quality vacuum cleaners for pet hair in the market that can do the job in most cases. However, depending on your carpet materials, placement, and frequency of use, you may need additional efforts to clean the fur completely. Even if you don’t have a vacuum, you can still get rid of dog hair from carpets easily. How? Let’s scroll down and learn how to remove dog hair from carpet with a vacuum, or without one.


Tips to Remove Dog Hair from Carpet

It’s a no-brainer that vacuums are arguably the most effective tool to get rid of dog hair from carpets. But even if you vacuum your carpets regularly, you still may find thin, small residues of pet hair left. We’ll show you how to combine a couple of simple methods with vacuums for effective dog hair cleaning.

Fabric Softener

Dog hair can be tricky when it comes to carpets and rugs. They get in the carpet fibers and become tough to remove in most cases. Fabric softener is a super solution to this problem. Just follow the step-by-step guide. Gather a few things first:

  • Liquid fabric softener
  • Water
  • Spray bottle
  • Vacuum cleaner

Before you start, check the carpet you want to clean for visible chunks of hair and take them off. Once you’re ready, mix one part of the fabric softener with three parts of water to create a DIY solution.

Pour the solution into a spray bottle and lightly apply it to the carpet. Be sure to cover the corners and the whole surface, but remember not to dampen the area. You just want a thin, misty layer of fabric softener solution on the carpet for this to work. After you’re done, leave it for 15-20 minutes to dry.

The fabric softener will loosen up the dog hair remnants and make it easy for you to clean. Just take your vacuum cleaner and apply it normally on the carpet. It will suck up the fur and in addition, leave your carpet fresh and fluffy.

Baking Soda

How many times have we brought this up? Baking soda is one of the easiest, most affordable, versatile, and effective household cleaning materials. It’s a natural cleaning agent and also an effective odor absorber. Turns out, it can be used to clean dog hair from the carpet as well.

You just need baking soda and your vacuum for this. Just sprinkle a small amount of baking soda all over your carpet and rug. You want to get the powder on the whole surface and leave a thin layer afterward. Let it sit for a few minutes to work.

Once the baking soda has done its work and loosened up the fur, start vacuuming. Vacuum thoroughly to take off excess dog hair and baking soda residue from the carpet, and you’re done!

This method also deodorizes the carpet along with cleaning the dog’s hair. What’s more, it also takes care of unwanted dog smell in a vacuum that may generate from all the hair and dander.

Carpet Rake

A carpet rake is a common household tool that is mostly used to fluff up carpets and rugs. You can also use a carpet rake to remove pet hair from the carpet with regular use.

There are carpet rakes designed especially to clean dust and hairy residue. Just apply and move it over the carpet gently. Start from the edges and make your way into the center as you scrape up the fur. The rake bristle will collect the hair and you can get rid of dog hair afterward.

It’s a good idea to vacuum before you use a rake on carpets. If you notice any loose hair even after you’re done, just use the vacuum again to pick them up.

How to Remove Dog Hair from Carpet without Vacuum

Remove Dog Hair from Carpet without vacuum

We’ve learned how to clean dog hair from carpet with a vacuum, but what if you don’t have a vacuum? Don’t worry, because it’s still possible to take care of this furry situation. All you need is a regular rubber squeegee.

A squeegee is basically used to clean shower water and windows, and you may already use one in the house. Because it’s made of rubber, it’s kind of a hair magnet and can also be used to take off pet hair.

Just take a hand squeeze and scrape your carpet to collect hair residue of all kinds. Start from an edge and work into the center as you go, and gather the dog hair in one place on the carpet surface. After that, just clean them up with a brush and a dustpan.

Squeegee is even more effective in some cases where vacuums struggle to collect pet hair. For example, it’s difficult to use a vacuum on stairs and corners, but small squeegees can come in handy in this case. Having said that, it’s always a good idea to have a vacuum for pet hair if you have dogs or cats in the house.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you remove hair from the carpet yourself?

Spray a thin coating of a solution created with one part fabric softener and three parts water. Let it dry and vacuum afterward.

How do you get pet hair out of carpet without a vacuum?

Use a rubber squeegee and scrape the surface to get pet hair out of the carpet without a vacuum.

How do you get dog hair out of your vehicle’s carpet?

Mix one part of the fabric softener with three parts of water in a spray bottle and apply the mixture to your vehicle’s carpet. After it dries, wipe with a paper towel and clean with a handheld vacuum cleaner.

How do you get stubborn pet hair out of the carpet?

Use a rubber squeegee or a kitchen sponge mop to scrape up and loosen tough hair materials. Afterward, vacuum thoroughly to get stubborn pet hair out of the carpet.

How do you vacuum dog hair out of the carpet?

Sprinkle a fair amount of baking soda on the carpet and let it sit for a few minutes. Then vacuum thoroughly, starting from a side to the center to get dog hair out of the carpet.

Final Words

It’s normal to have pet hair on your carpets if you have a dog in the house. But if you clean and vacuum regularly, you don’t have much to worry about. Follow our simplified guides to tackle dog hair from the carpet and keep them clean.

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