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If you care about a fresh indoors, the house flooring is one of the most important parts to consider. Carpets and rugs bring a certain amount of comfort and reviving feeling to the house, especially when combined with furniture. While we love to see that, carpets can get flattened and smelly over time. It can simply happen from over-traffic, having pets around, furniture arrangement, or even only because of a long time.

Old and unfresh carpets can bring down the entire look of a house. So how to take care of it and return your house to its former glory? Other than regular vacuuming, there are certain techniques you can use to freshen up old carpets to look new and fluffy again. While they boost the ambiance for sure, it also spares you the cost of buying new carpets. Here’s how to make your carpet look new and fluffy with simple efforts.


How to Make Old Carpet Look New

There are a few ways to make your carpet look new and fresh again after it’s gotten old. Note our step-by-step process in the following.

1. Move Your Furniture

The first step to making your old carpet new is moving the furniture. The weight of sitting furniture can generate indentations over a significant period of time. Try to move the furniture once in a while, even if it’s just a couple of inches. Rearrange the look sometimes if possible for your house. And finally, move the furniture completely from the carpet and rug before you attempt to freshen up and renew the things.

2. Freshen up with Baking Soda and Vinegar

If you are used to vacuuming the carpets regularly in your house, you can start this process right away. If not, start by cleaning the carpet with a good vacuum cleaner. Take off the dirt and debris before you apply anything else.

When you’re ready, sprinkle some baking soda on your carpet. The amount should be enough to cover the whole surface, for example, one box of baking soda for a 3×3 m carpet. After applying, use a stiff brush to work it into the carpet gently. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes, then simply vacuum the area. Baking soda is a natural odor remover as well as a disinfectant. So this application will remove musty odors, pet odors on carpet, or any type of smells; leaving it clean and fresh.

Next, mix one part of vinegar with one part of water to create a standard DIY cleaning solution and put it in a spray bottle. Spray the solution over the carpet, mildly damping the surface rather than wetting it. Then use your brush to comb the carpet and raise the plie following specific directions to keep track of the whole thing. When you’re done, leave overnight to dry. You’ll be getting a new, fresh smelled batch of carpet in the morning.

3. Brighten the Faded Areas

If your carpet has faded in areas due to sitting furniture or from the strike of time, pay attention. To make the carpet look new, you should change the faded look and brighten up the carpet as well. Before you begin, remember to vacuum the carpet to pick up dry materials.

Mix one cup of vinegar, half a cup of salt, and 3 cups of hot water to create a solution. Take a sponge or a rag and dampen the thing with the cleaner. Gently apply the sponge to the faded areas of the carpet, or the whole surface if necessary. Avoid soaking and simply rub the area a few times. Afterward, dampen a sponge with water and wipe off the applied solution carefully. Again, try not to wet the carpet while you perform this process.

That’s it! Let it dry naturally and vacuum the carpet one more time. You have successfully made your old carpet new again.

How to Get Carpet Fluffy Again

Who doesn’t love a fluffy carpet? They’re cozy, comfortable, and soft to sit or walk on. Unlike those, flattened carpets are not only hard, but they also bring down the look of the house as well. There are a number of reasons behind a flattened carpet, one being in use for a long time. So how to make your carpet fluffy again? It’s simple, heat and fluff!

1. Heat

Before you so eagerly attempt to fluff, remember to vacuum the carpets for dirt and debris. When you’re done, prepare to apply heat to the carpet pile to make it easy to fluff.

Take a damp cloth and place it over the flattened area of the carpet. If the whole carpet needs attention, do it gradually or get a large cloth. Upon placement, take your iron and set the heat to medium or lower, and apply it over the damp cloth. Take a few seconds on each area as you heat up the whole surface.

It’s even easier if you have a hairdryer or a blow dryer, in which case you don’t need any cloth. Spray a small amount of water over the whole carpet. Then simply apply the dryer to the matted carpet keeping a distance of 12-15 cm. Apply the heat until the carpet is almost dry.

2. Fluff

After applying heat, comb the carpet or rug using a carpet comb, rake, brush, or just with your own hands. Make sure you scrape it gently and carefully so that you don’t damage the carpet fibers. Once it’s done, let it dry completely, and there you go! One new, fresh, and fluffy carpet for the house. You’re welcome.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I make my old carpet look new?

Move your furniture once in a while and deep clean the old carpet with baking soda and vinegar. Then brighten the faded areas by rubbing a sponge soaked in saltwater.

How do you deep clean the old carpet?

Vacuum your carpet and sprinkle baking soda. After 15 minutes, vacuum again to remove dirt and baking soda residue. Spray a mixture of vinegar and water, brush the whole carpet, and let it dry.

How can I clean my carpet at home myself?

You can vacuum to clean the carpets at home regularly. For deep cleaning, follow our detailed instructions.

How do you revive the old carpet?

Sprinkle baking soda on the old carpet, saturate the whole area with a stiff brush and leave for 10-15 minutes. Vacuum and spray a solution of vinegar and water afterward. Then comb the whole carpet and let it dry.

How do you make a shaggy rug fluffy again?

Vacuum the rug and spray a small amount of water. Then apply heat using a hairdryer. Finally, use a carpet rake or a stiff brush to comb the rug and make it fluffy again.

Final Words

Our guide on how to make a carpet look new and fluffy again will help you keep your favorite rug in the house as long as possible and save you a fortune. To keep your carpet fresh and fluffy for a long time, consider vacuuming regularly and deep cleaning once a month.

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