How to Get Parvo Out of Carpet | 5 Simple Methods

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Parvo is known as a highly contagious disease for canines. It is caused by the parvovirus and potentially lethal viral disease. This virus spreads via contaminated feces. The pathogens are strong and last for a longer time in the infected area. The organisms of the virus can withstand many household disinfectants. Thus, things get more fatal.

Parvovirus can live on the carpet and outside for months. As a result, it increases the risk of attacks of pervo. It is essential to disinfect your carpet from this hazardous disease. Fortunately, we have come up with effective methods that are helpful to get parvo out of the carpet.


The Lifespan Of Parvovirus

Before we get into the process of removing parvovirus from the carpet, it is important to know about the lifespan of the virus. Typically, if the environment and condition are suitable, parvovirus can live six months to one year. So you have to break the favorable environment that prevents the growth of the virus.

Since the virus has a spreading tendency, it easily infects your entire carpet and other surfaces too. You have to take action before outbreaks of parvovirus in your home quickly. It should be mentioned that around three to four thousand pets die each year due to this virus.

The infected canines spread the highest number of virus particles during the first two weeks after being affected. Other dogs and cats can easily catch the disease in this frame. Newborn pets have a weak immune system that proves fatal due to parvo disease. So you should remove parvo from the carpet as soon as possible.

How To Get Parvo Out Of Carpet?

Relatively carpet is much tougher to disinfect than non-porous grounds like concrete and hardwood. Fibers of the carpet absorb the virus, and it can survive in it for nearly 30 days. So it is not safe to allow pets on the contaminated carpet.

Since you can not throw away your carpet, this reason, disinfection is the only way to make it habitable. During winter, many pets get affected by parvo because it is the perfect condition for the virus. However, parvo lives on the feces and saliva of the pet. You have to clean all the pet waste as soon as possible. Below we have added the ways to disinfect your carpet from parvo.

Method 1: Steaming Cleaner

Carpet steam cleaning is the quickest and easy option to get off parvo. You need to use hot water and carpet cleaning shampoo to remove feces from the carpet because feces carries most of the parvovirus.

You must need a steam cleaner for effective results. If you don’t have your own, then rent a steam cleaner and wash your carpet. Hot water treatment is able to kill the parvovirus and save your pets.

Method 2: Disinfectant Spray

The disinfectant spray is always great to kill hazardous viruses, such as parvo. Since you are one of the pet owners, you need to use a pet-safe disinfectant. Many disinfectant products are labeled and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and you should purchase them to kill parvovirus.

Apply the disinfect spray on the carpet following the instructions labeled on the product. Here you can also know the proper amount of disinfectant to use. Some disinfectants need to mix with water. Then spray the carpet and thoroughly saturate it. Let it work for 10 minutes.

If the rinsing application is required in the manufacturer’s instruction, then you need to rinse the surface with the steam cleaner using hot water. Otherwise, drying the carpet will be the next option.

Method 3: Hydrogen Peroxide & Baking Soda

The combination of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda is an excellent trick to remove parvo from your carpet. During parvo disease, pets have diarrhea, and the virus is present in the blood in the stool. The mixture of these two elements helps to remove that blood and virus from the carpet.

Applying this method requires 3% of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Firstly, spray hydrogen peroxide on the carpet, then sprinkle baking soda. Let it sit for 30 minutes. Both of these ingredients will effectively work to eliminate parvovirus from the carpet. Moreover, this mixture also works well to remove stains and odor from the carpet. After that, use the steam cleaner to wash the carpet. Dry the carpet thoroughly.

Method 4: Commercial Cleaners

There are a wide number of commercial cleaners that help to kill parvovirus from the carpet. The ingredients of these cleaners gently react to the virus without damaging the carpet fibers and color. This is safer to use on the carpet. Though they can cost you more than a homemade cleaning solution. However, they are much more effective. Some cleaners can be used with the steam cleaning machine, so it will be easier to use on the carpet.

Method 5: Bleach For White Color Carpet

Bleach is the ultimate ingredient to get rid of parvovirus. But it is suitable only for hard surfaces. In the case of carpets, bleach can instantly ruin the carpet color. So use bleach only on the white and near white carpet. Never use it on the color-reach carpet. Rather, you use the alternative option of bleach.

Moreover, there are some restrictions while using bleach on the carpet. You have to mix water with bleach, then apply it to the carpet. Combine a cup of vinegar with one gallon of water and pour it into a spray bottle. You need to spray lightly on the carpet. Then wait for 30 minutes. Wash the carpet using hot water and regular cleaning shampoo. You need to rinse the carpet one more time to ensure the bleach is fully removed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does parvo live on carpet?

Parvo is a strong virus and can survive through many cleaning solutions. So your pets are easily affected by the virus. If parvo gets favorable conditions, it can live six months to one year. Parvo can live for at least 30 days and more in the carpet and fabric.

How do you clean your home from parvo?

After recovering your pets from parvo, you have to clean your whole house. It is great to use bleach to kill parvo. You can use it on different hard surfaces. But you can not use it for carpets, clothes, or couches. So you have to follow the above methods to clean your carpet.

Can vinegar kill parvo on the carpet?  

Vinegar is used to clean stains on the carpet, but it can not distinguish parvo. So it won’t work for the carpet.

Final Words

Parvo is a dangerous disease for canines. You need to ensure a healthy environment for the health of your pets. Carpet is a non-porous surface that makes it more difficult to remove parvo. But we have shown you the probable ways that you can apply to get parvo out of the carpet. These methods are extremely effective in disinfecting your indoor environment.

It is necessary to prevent parvo from your home. So repeat the cleaning process every week after your pet is negative for parvo. You can do it for one month so that there is no residue of parvo; otherwise, it increases the risk of getting sick again.

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