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You may use many items to decorate your home. And it would be best if you clean them regularly to keep the things attractive and safe. Cleaning a carpet is much trickier than other home items. You may think cleaning the carpet is not essential. If you feel this, then you are entirely wrong.

According to a carpet merchant, bacteria and debris can quickly grow on the carpet particles. Other dirt can also make this unhealthy. You should clean the carpet often to keep yourself and your family safe from those. Vacuuming and shampooing are essential to keep the carpet clean, attractive, and safe. But how often should you clean your carpet?

We are going to discuss the topic here in this article. And we hope, this will help you much to know about cleaning intervals of your carpet.


How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet?

Carpets make a home much soft, luxurious, and much more comfortable. To get the possible output from a carpet, you should clean it regularly. But how often should you do this? It depends on the use of the carpet. The average life of a carpet depends on its type and manufacture.

Usually, apartment-grade carpets last from one to five years. Medium-grade carpet’s lifetime is five to fifteen years. And in the case of the premium grade best carpets, the average life is fifteen to twenty-five years.

The best possible way is to vacuum your carpet at least once per week. Use shampoo to clean this every one or one and a half years. It will be best to vacuum and shampoo the carpet more often if you have allergies-affected people or light-colored carpet. You should clean the carpet twice a week. Also, you have to use shampoo twice a year.

Vacuuming easily removes the loose particles from the surface and prevents them from seeping inside the fabrics. It helps a carpet to last for a long time.

Here is a chart about cleaning a carpet that mentioned the cleaning intervals:

chart about cleaning a carpet

What Factors Play a Vital Role in Carpet Cleaning Frequency?

Some factors play a vital role in carpet cleaning frequency. Now, we are describing the factors below-


Little feet keep running from one room to another, often on a lawn. It’s a much possible factor to bring dirt, spills, and other particulars that can make your carpet dirty. Even they can spread these to such corners that you cannot even think. If this happens in your home, then you should clean the carpet more often.

Notice those places where your kid often goes and keep that place clean regularly. Vacuum the carpet twice a week and shampoo it two times a year.


If you own a pet, then it is another fact of making your carpet dirty. They often go out, especially in the garden or on the lawn, or even on the road. And when they enter the home, they can put paw prints on the carpet. The loose hair of pets is also harmful to the carpet. So, you should clean the carpet seriously.

Vacuum the carpet twice a week to remove the dirt, hair, and dander from it. There is a specialized powder for cleaning carpets. You can also sprinkle it on those areas. Let the area sink for half an hour, then vacuum it twice. And don’t forget to shampoo the carpet after every six months.

Cigarette Smokers

Smokers are also responsible for making the carpet dirty. There are various types of gasses and other particulates in tobacco. These are very much harmful and can easily absorb inside the carpet and other dust inside the room. As a result, the room environment becomes toxic for non-smokers, especially for the kids. Cigarette ashes are also harmful to the carpet.

That’s why; you should clean the carpet deeply. Please vacuum the carpet twice a day. If you have any heavy smokers in your home, clean the carpet deeply after every three months. And in the case of light-smokers, you can do this after every six months. Don’t forget to shampoo the carpet at least twice a year.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How often should you change your home carpet?

Usually, it depends on the grade, manufacturing, and use of the carpet. Some carpets last for 1-5 years and some last 15-25 years. On average, a carpet lasts 5 to 15 years. If a little traffic runs over the carpet, then it will last for a long time. But the lifetime of a carpet will reduce to half in case of heavy traffic.

If you have an apartment-grade carpet, then you should change it after using an average of 5 years and for medium-grade carpets, change it after ten years.

What is the average life of a carpet?

Nobody can specifically answer this question. Because the lifetime of a carpet depends on its grade, manufacturing style, and traffic moves on it. But, it’s clear that the apartment-grade carpet’s average life is 1-5 years, and medium-grade carpet is 5-15 years. Only the best quality carpets can last for 15-25 years.

What happens when you don’t clean your carpet?

If you do not clean your carpet, then something worse will happen. At first, it won’t look attractive, and the money you have invested in decorating your home will be washed away. Moreover, it will make you and your family sick. Allergies and other harmful bacteria will grow up on your carpet. Overall, it won’t bring any good news if you don’t clean your carpet.

Final Words

A carpet can increase the beauty of your room and keep you safe from cold temperatures. Cleaning the carpet at a regular interval can keep your room environment healthy and safe. A clean carpet never contains harmful particulars. It also never smells terrible.

Furthermore, cleaning a carpet regularly increases its lifetime of it. Here, we have discussed How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet. We hope this article will help you much to clean your carpet regularly.

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