How to Unclog Toilet Siphon Jets | Step by Step Guidelines

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A neat and clean toilet is a sign of a healthy and hygienic lifestyle. Unfortunately, we often fail to maintain our toilet correctly, and the result is a dirty, clogged, overflow toilet with a bad smell. Sometimes the situation becomes quite difficult that normal washing and rubbing using the market brought regular toilet cleaner is not enough, especially when you need to unclog the toilet siphon.

Often a toilet needs a deep cleaning, and if there is any clog, you may have to give more effort. Because if you leave the siphon jet and water tank area dirty, then they can make your toilet dirty very fast. So, to keep your toilet clean, you need to unclog and clean the siphon jet properly. Here we will discuss how to clean and unclog toilet siphon jet effectively using a few common household products.


Reasons & Signs of the clogged toilet siphon jet

There are several reasons for clogging your toilet siphon jet. The primary reason for clogging is mineral deposits. If you found calcium scale deposits on the toilet rim, it may be the cause of the block of the siphon. In this situation, your toilet flushes slowly and incompletely, or it can take a long time to decrease the water level from the bowl. It is the primary reason why your toilet siphon jet can be clogged.

Well, whatever the reason for clogging the siphon, the following sign will warn you that your toilet needs more attention from you.

  • Toilet will not flush properly
  • Low-level water in the toilet bowl
  • The water tank will take much more time to empty in the bowl
  • Vertical water flows from the siphon jet holes

How to unclog toilet siphon jets

As we already said, Mineral deposits are the main culprit in clogging toilet siphon jets. Few common household products can effectively remove this clog. Let us see how-

Necessary things for cleaning

  1. Toilet brush
  2. White vinegar
  3. Rubber hand gloves
  4. Toilet cleaner
  5. Paper towels
  6. Allen wrenches

1. First process

Step one

Drop some white vinegar on the paper towel and dip it. Remember that the paper towel should be wet, not dripping.

Step two

Keep the wet paper towel under the rim. You should cover the whole area of the toilet rim with the necessary wet paper towel.

Step three

Let the paper towel sit there for several hours. After that, please remove them and pour some toilet cleaner around the rim.

Step four

Take a toilet brush and scrub out deposits. Rinse with water to clean the area more properly.

2. Second process

If the white vinegar does not work correctly in normal conditions, you can use warm vinegar. Do not boil the vinegar, just warm it and maintain 120 F temperature.

Step one

Pour nine to twelve ounces of white vinegar into the pot and warm it.

Step two

Pour the warm vinegar into the flush tank’s overflow tube. It is placed in the middle of the water tank.

Step three

Allow to stay the warm vinegar into the tube and then flush out into the toilet.

Step four

After flushing the toilet, you need to clean the siphon jets. Use Allen wrenches to clean jets. Pick the accurate size of the wrench for the siphon jets holes to clean correctly. After cleaning the jet holes, flush out the toilet. You can use a hand mirror to check the siphon jet holes to check if they are clean entirely or not.

Deep clean to remove bacteria siphon jets

The toilet is the storehouse of bacteria. Unfortunately, they can grow in several places and cannot be removed even after using toilet cleaner. Do you know, that lots of bacteria hide in the siphon jets holes and under the toilet rim? Cleaning these places is also necessary to make your toilet completely germ-free.

Step one

Bleach is a popular household product widely used in various house cleaning work. Take one part of bleach with ten parts of water into a bucket. Mix them well.

Step two

Remove the flush tank lid of the toilet. Pour the bleach solution into the overflow tube.

Step three

Allow staying the bleach solution into the flush tube for five minutes, then flush out the toilet.

Step four 

Now you need to clean the siphon jets holes. Use a thin wire to clean every single hole. To clean properly, use a hand mirror and check if still there is any stain or build-up or not.

Step five

After cleaning the jet’s holes, do not forget to clean the surrounding area of the toilet. You can use any effective commercial toilet cleaner if needed.

And finally, again, make the same bleach solution and follow step three. Now your toilet siphon is unclogged, and the toilet is clean and bacteria-free entirely.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a toilet siphon jet?

Siphon jets are a set of small holes placed under the rim of the toilet bowl. The flush tank’s water runs through these holes from the tank to the toilet bowl.

What role does a siphon play in flushing the toilet?

Each hole of the siphon jets is angled so that they can flow water in a diagonal direction. This water release mechanism increases flush efficiency.

Do all toilets come with a siphon?

No. There are plenty of variety and toilet models, but all of them do not offer a siphonic flush system. Though the siphoned toilets are the most popular model, all toilet does not come with a siphon jet.

How can I check for a clog on the toilet siphon?

A small size hand mirror can help you to check the actual condition of the siphon jets holes. Wear a rubber glove and placed a hand mirror under the rim. Examine the jet holes carefully if there is any dark orange or black stains. If there is any light or scaly color, then it may cause mineral deposits.

Why is toilet siphon jet budding?

A budding siphon jet refers to an obstacle on the waterway. That means the jet holes will going to clog very soon, and you need to clean them immediately.

Wrapping up

Keep unclog your toilet siphon is essential as it can interrupt flushing correctly. Well, we tried to discuss all possible ways to unclog your toilet siphon using household products. The cleaning processes are also straightforward, so you can easily follow them. These methods will work efficiently to remove the clog, especially for mineral deposits and harmful bacteria. Hopefully, now you can easily keep your toilet clean for a long time.

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