Vacuum Cleaner Making Loud Noise | Why & How to Fix It

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No doubt vacuum has made easy our cleaning chore, and that’s why it is an incredible invention. Otherwise, you need to spend hours cleaning up the home. Usually, a vacuum cleaner makes noises while operating. If the cleaner makes loud noises earlier then there are surely some problems in the machine.

Nothing stays in a good position all the time. Over time, the stuff gets older and becomes faulty. Same as the vacuum cleaner. It makes noises and this is maybe irritating for most of the users. But there are several reasons that create too loud noises. In this article, we will talk about why the vacuum cleaner making loud noises & how to fix it.


Why does a vacuum cleaner make a loud noise?

The vacuum cleaner is the most productive means to suck the dirt and debris from the home. But noising is the only drawback of the vacuum cleaner. The average sound rate of the vacuum cleaner is rated at about 80dB. The noise is created by several parts like the changing air pressure, the motor, and vibration.

The vacuum is equipped with a powerful motor that really makes too much noise, the same as the AC. If you want a quieter vacuum then you can choose a DC motor to avoid the noise. But if the vacuum creates more noise than before, there are some problems.

1. Clog

The vacuum cleaner often gets clogs which is the main reason for making loud noises. Sometimes bigger objects clog in the hoses that make interrupt sucking the debris. The machine can get clogged in heads, hoses, and actual vacuum. But you don’t have to bother because you can remove the clog by yourself. Just remove the hoses and check the head and hoses, if you see it then pull it out from the tubes.

2. Dirty Filter

If the vacuum cleaner makes it too loud, you must check the vacuum’s filter. When the filters become dirty with debris and particles then the vacuum can not work properly and causes too much noise. The dirty filter resists suction and the engine needs to work harder. So the engine makes loud noises. Typically, most vacuums have one or two filters and they are washable.

3. Broken Fan

The vacuum motor has a fan that helps to suck the debris. If the motor fan is broken, then the vacuum makes louder noises than before. When the vacuum collects too much dirt and particles, it may break the fan. But this is not touching to replace the fan. You can order the fan in the online market and make it replaced by yourself.

4. Broken Brush Bearing

A brush bearing is attached to the end of the tube and it helps to wipe out the debris effectively. If the brush doesn’t work properly or is jammed, it can cause a loud sound. The brush can clog because of hair or other debris. Or if the brush is broken completely then you must replace the broken brush bearing.

How to fix the vacuum loud noise?

While you are cleaning and the vacuum is making a too loud noise, then understand it is time to do some DIY. If you are facing a noising problem, you can go through the process:

Step 1: Removing clogs

As we said, clogs are caught in three parts. To remove the clogs, unplug the vacuum and separate the hose. Then check the head and the actual vacuum. Use your fingers or a thin tool to bring out the debris from the vacuum. Now clean the hose with a long stick or you can use the mop pole. Push the pole until the clogs come out from the hose. This way you can clean the large debris that is interrupted in the cleaning process.

Step 2: Cleaning the filter

Remove the dirty filter from the vacuum and clean the filter properly. To clean the filter first throw out the debris and dirt and then wash out with warm water. Now place the filters in the vacuum and it should work normally. Every vacuum manual has a cleaning process, so you need to follow it thoroughly.

Step 3: Fix the fan

Replacing is the only way to fix the broken fan. Following the DIY process on the vacuum manual, you can replace the fan. Otherwise, you can go to the service center and change the fan. If you make some regular maintenance then you can resist the break of the fan. Always check the fan and clean the debris from it. Sometimes loosen fan blades can make noise and finally break. So make sure the fan blades are tight in place.

Step 4: Fix the brush bearing

If the brush bearing is broken you need to replace it with a new one. So always maintain the brush and clean the dust properly.

Step 5: Maintain the engine

If you keep the engine well, then you can reduce the excessive vacuum noise. Like large amounts of dirt and debris is clogged up with the engine’s frame that causing more vibration and loud sound. It also overheats the engine and shortens its life. So clean it properly and remove corrosion. You can also grease the engine to run smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does the bad engine make loud noises?

Yes, the bad engine makes more noise than normal. If the engine is bad, you need to consult a professional and fix the engine problem. As repairing the engine is a sensitive issue, you must go to a professional.

How can I make the vacuum quieter?

The vacuum makes loud sounds at normal and the average rate is 80dB. If it sounds more, there is a problem and you need to fix it.

Final words

While the vacuum cleaner makes a loud noise, it is very annoying and can damage the machine. At the same time, you can not clean the floor properly. Too loud noises indicate some serious problems and if they are not remedied in time, the machine can ruin. So you need to find out the cause and solve it as soon as possible.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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