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If you see your vacuum filter is not working correctly, you should think that the filter got dirty. So, you should clean it properly to get rid of this problem. A dirty filter may spread an awful smell on your house. That’s why; it’s much essential to know how to clean a vacuum filter.

You will find different types of vacuum filters available in the market. As different companies produce them, so all of them are not the same. As a result, the cleaning process also varies from one manufacturer to another. But, cleaning this filter is not so harsh and won’t take your time.

It doesn’t matter if you are using a Shark or a Dyson or a Bissell model. You have to clean the filler properly at least once per month.

You can clean the dirty filters easily at home by following the instructions in this article.


How to Clean a Shark Vacuum Filter

Shark is a renowned janitorial equipment manufacturer. They have various vacuum filter models on the market. Though the cleaning process for all the models is the same, it may vary slightly for a few models. You should know well which model you are using.

You need some items to start the process like:

  1. Soap
  2. Water and sink or basin
  3. Scissors- 2
  4. Microfiber cloth
  5. One soft brush
  6. Vinegar- 2 cups
  7. Baking soda- 3 tablespoons
  8. Gloves – 1 pair

Step-1: Unplug the Filter and Disassemble

Before starting the cleaning, you should unplug the vacuum cleaner. Place a sheet that covers the underneath of the vacuum. It will save your filter from creating any messy heap. Then start disassembling the parts of the filter. It’s crucial to remember the placement of each part as you have to attach those back in their position.

Step-2: Make the Dust Canister Empty

Now, take out the canister from your filter. Then take a disposal bag and dispose of the dirt from the canister to that. Put the canister into the soapy water and let it soak. Once it is soaked, then wash the canister using the microfiber cloth. Take some cold water to rinse it after washing and allow the canister to air-dry. It will take around 24 hours to dry completely.

Note: Never reassemble the canister unless it’s dry entirely. If you assemble the wet canister, mold can grow upon it.

Step-3: Clean your Filters

The filters remain in the significant vacuuming component behind the canister. So, once you remove the canister, you will see the filters. These could be made using foam rubber and the additional filters using felt. Dunk your foam filter into the soapy water and wash thoroughly. These may look stained even after getting a good scrub. But the crucial factor to remember is that the filters are clean.

Felt filters can get damaged easily. That’s why; the Shark company never recommends its consumers wash them. All you should do for cleaning these is tap them gently. It will loosen the dirt. Wipe the filters to clean the dirt.

If you want to wash your felt filters, you will be the response if anything negative happens. Soak the filters in soapy water and clean these lightly with care. Take off the filters from soap and rinse. Then lay those in a flat position for 24 hours to air-dry completely.

Step-4: Clean Your Brush Head

You’ll see a rotating brush that bears all the brunt of cleaning. Debris like hair, string, dirt, etc., gets stuck on that. That’s why; you should clean this too. Separate the floor attachment to clean the brush. Start the separation process from the handle. There is a button on the floor attachment in almost all of the models. Just press the button, and it will release the brush head. Then you can clean the brush in a better way.

You can also follow these methods:

  1. Take a scissor and snip the tangled debris from the brush. After that, you can gently pull the debris out using your hands without leaving any damage.
  2. A soft brush can help you to remove all the stubborn dirt. Or, you can soak the brush and then scrub that thoroughly. Then let the brush air-dry for 24 hours.

Step-5: Cleaning the House

Clogs might enter the hose and create obstructing movement. That’s why you should remove the hose from both ends and inspect the whole length of it. If you see the hose got clogged, just put the hose in a hot water tap, then run it. Remove the end from the tap and close the other one using your hand. Then shake it well.

Make a solution of baking soda and vinegar. Pour the solution into the hose. Cover both ends of the hose using a hand and shake the hose properly for two or three minutes. The solution will unclog your hose and remove any foul odors from it. Additionally, hot water will make the dirt loosen and remove that. Once you clean the hose, lay it flat to dry. You can reattach it when it is scorched.

Step-6: Cleaning the Motorized Floor Nozzle

Detach the hose from the connector and check the opening of it. Now, turn your floor nozzle upside down. Then tap gently to loosen the dirt. Remove the dirt using an old toothbrush. There is a small hose called a lower-duct hose attached to the motorized floor nozzle. Many users forget to clean this part. You should detach it and check if any blockage is found.

Take a toothbrush and clean it like the central hose.

The cleaning process is completed. Make sure that all the component you disassembled before cleaning is dehydrated before reattaching those.

Tips: Put one or three drops of essential oil before reassembling the components. It will keep your house smelling good.

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How to Clean a Dyson Vacuum Filter

If you own a Dyson Vacuum filter and want to keep the filter in the best operation, then you should clean it regularly in the best way. It won’t take a long time, and you can clean it easily. Let’s see how to do this.

Step-1: Turn off the Filter

At first, you should turn off and disconnect the machine from the socket.

Step-2: Remove the Dyson filter(s)

At this step, you should remove all the filter(s) and other parts from your Dyson Filter.

Step-3: Wash the Filters

After removing:

  1. Go for washing the filters using cold water.
  2. Never use any detergent to wash them or put them into a dishwasher/washing machine.
  3. Rinse the filter under the water supply (such as a tap) and squeeze the water gently out of the filter.
  4. Keep the process running until you see clean water coming out.

Step-4: Dry filters

After washing, you should dry the wet filters. Leave those in a warm place for up to 24 hours. Your filter will dry entirely by this time. Never use a tumble dryer or microwave to dry the filter.

Now you can reassemble the parts into the body.

How to Clean a Bissell Vacuum Filter

Bissel vacuum filters are very much convenient to clean and maintain. It would help if you cleaned it at least once per month.

Let’s see how to clean a Bissel filter.

Step-1: Cleaning the Inner and Outer Circular Filter

First, unplug your filter from the socket and then remove its dirt container. Now you should remove it from the filter. Just twist the filter cup anti-clockwise to unlock it, and you can remove it quickly. Once it is unlocked, pull it straight upward.

Step-2: Wash the Filters

Take warm water, then put the inner pleated filters and outer form into that separately. Wash them using your hand. You can use some mild dishwashing soap in the water. Now, start rinsing the filters thoroughly in the water. Once you have finished washing, put them on an absorbent towel. Let the filters air-dry entirely, and then reassemble.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where are the filters on the shark vacuum?

You will find an additional HEPA filter with most Shark vacuum models. This is placed behind the filter grill and on the machine’s lower front.

How often should you clean your Dyson filter?

Periodic cleaning of the Dyson filter is necessary to get the best output from the machine. It would be best to clean your Dyson filter at least once a month.

How long do vacuum filters last?

The lifespan of vacuum filters depends on the cleaning frequency. Moreover, top performance is confirmed when you clean the vacuum following a periodic schedule. With proper maintenance and cleaning process, vacuum filters last 6–9 months.

How often should vacuum filters be changed?

You should keep a close eye on your vacuum cleaner because the performance depends on allergy care and usage. Most manufacturer recommends replacing vacuum filters after 3–6 months.

What happens if I vacuum without a filter?

The lifespan of your vacuum cleaner will be shortened if you use it without a filter. Moreover, inside the canister, dry stuff will be messed up. So, it is advisable not to use a vacuum without a filter.

Final Words

If your vacuum filter gets dirty, it will be less effective, and you won’t get the proper output from it. That’s why; you should ensure that your filter is not blocked by dirt. Clean it regularly to get the best output. You will find thousands of filters in the market. The cleaning process for different cleaners differs from each other.

It doesn’t matter which vacuum cleaner you are using: Shark, Dyson, or Bissell. You have to clean it properly if you want a long service from your cleaner. So, you should know how to clean a vacuum filter well. We have discussed the cleaning process of the Shark, Dyson, and Bissell filters above gradually. These will help you enough to clean your filter and get the best output.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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