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A brush and a Plunger are two essential items for a toilet. We use these to keep our bathroom clean. It would help if you stored these properly after using them. Unfortunately, many people have the least knowledge about how to store a toilet brush and plunger.

It’s perfect for keeping them in a nearby place from where they can be taken easily. That’s why knowledge of keeping a toilet brush and Plunger is a must.


3 Easy Ways to Store a Toilet Brush

You should follow the storage ideas of the toilet brush meticulously similar to toilet brush cleaning tips. Appropriate storage of toilet brush will ensure that it will last for longer.

1. Recycled Container

Usually, we throw off the containers of detergent powder, Clorox, or gallon milk containers. But you can easily use these as a toilet brush holder. These items work well as a brush holder and can keep the environment clean.

For this, you have to cut the container into a required shape so that the toilet brush can get into the container without hassle.

2. Glass Vase

If you are planning to make the bathroom elegant on a dime, you can make it easier. There have many bathrooms which don’t have any space for storing the brush under the sink. You can use a glass vase to store the brush quickly. Just put the vase at the thrift store.

3. Pickle Jar with Laundry Detergent

A pickle jar can be a perfect toilet brush holder. If you have a large pickle jar, you can put the brush inside it. You can also put some detergent into it to keep the brush clean.

2 Effective Ways to Store the Plunger

If you have an old toilet that overflows a lot, you should keep a plunger close to your hand. When you finish using the Plunger, it’s slightly gross to put it back under the sink. Moreover, you can’t put it back on the floor. Plungers don’t come with housing. So, we should go for the proper housing to store this.

1. Plastic Bag

Most people like to keep the Plunger hidden but close to hand. You can use a large plastic bag to cover the Plunger and then store it inside the bathroom cabinet. Find a plastic bag that can cover the plunger. Now put the plunger into that bag for safekeeping. By doing this you can easily store the plunger.

2. Readymade Plunger Storage

It would help if you considered some sides while choosing plunger storage. Go for those storage items which come with a sturdy bottom and half-round cover. Notice well the top portion formed to fit your Plunger and supports appropriately. The open back should allow the Plunger to dry thoroughly between uses.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How long should you keep a toilet brush?

You should replace your toilet brush every 6 months. Also, if you experience any discoloration or damage to your toilet brush, don’t be late, replace it.

Can a plunger cause damage?

Yes, if you provide forceful pressure to the plunger, the drain line can leak. So, if your drainage line doesn’t respond to the pressure of your plunger, consider calling a professional.


A toilet is an essential part of our life. Keeping this clean is also necessary. Otherwise, you’ll lead a sick life. The toilet brush and Plunger are crucial parts of the toilet. When you use these items, they also become dirty. So, it would help if you cleaned this properly. And after cleaning, the most crucial part is to store them in the right place in the right way.

Many people don’t know how to keep these items. Here in this article, we’ve discussed some ways to store the toilet brush and Plunger properly. You can easily keep these items clean, hidden, but close to your hand by following the steps. We hope now you know how to store toilet brush and Plunger well after reading this article.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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