How to Get Motivated to Clean When Depressed | 10 Simple Ways

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Depression can disrupt your normal life and make you uninterested in all your daily activities. In that case, it may be difficult for you to keep up with the regular chores of your house. If you are also somehow depressed and lost your energy to work, then you may need to know how to get motivated to clean during this situation.

A messy house can make you feel worse and discourse you from doing many things. You will be amazed to know a vacuumed, clean floor, shiny kitchen, and organized room can quickly improve your mood. Though you will not feel interested in doing any work when you are depressed, sometimes it brings a positive result if you can push yourself anyhow to get active.


10 Simple ways to get motivated to clean when you are depressed

Are you depressed for some reason and want to get motivated to clean your house? Here are some smart tips that will help you get motivated to do your household work. At the same time, these tips will help you to overcome your depression by increasing your activeness.

1. Take a step to minimize your depression first

Including meditation and therapy, a few more ways can help you to correct the chemical imbalance of your brain. Whenever you get control over your depressed mind, you will find a positive change in your lifestyle. Your stress will start to decrease, you will want to eat healthier food, you will want to meet friends and relatives, and much more.

In this situation, household cleaning will become more comfortable and will automatically be motivated to clean.

2. Set up a specific cleaning period

Set up a specific time of the day when you will spend a short time cleaning. Have a look at your daily duties. Take a look at your daily routine, and find a time when you are free and relatively stress-free. This is the time that you can choose for house cleaning. Clean the house at a specific time will help you stay in a routine and organize even when you are depressed.

3. Choose a small task fast

As you are depressed, you may not like to do large or heavy cleaning work at first. In addition, you may lose interest in working early. So start with light and relatively simple tasks to keep your interest going. For example- rather than a mop or vacuum the floor, organize the cushions in the living area, and keep toys in the right place. Keep your books in the right place after reading instead of clutter on your bed or bedside table.

4. Set a simple goal

Take this suggestion seriously. If you can set manageable goals, they will be easy to fulfill. Give yourself a task, which is easy to accomplish each day. Set a short period for each task. For example, run an inspection in your pantry on Saturday. Then you can keep it the next day for loading laundry. You can clean your bathroom on Monday. All of these small tasks can be accomplished with ease, and it’s much easier than cleaning the entire house in a day.

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5. Keep cleaning supplies near your hand

Without proper cleaning supplies, you cannot get the best result. On the other hand, with a depressed mind, being unable to find cleaning supplies quickly can become an obstacle to meeting your target. You may fail in your cleaning process. Keep your all cleaning supplies in the same place and make sure they are in their available quantity.

6. Learn how to work efficiently

When you are tired and depressed, you should pick a job that can be done faster. If you maintain the continuity of work and do it in an orderly manner, you will be able to reach the desired goal in a short time. For example- remove clutter from your room first. Then run quick dust before you go for the mopping or vacuuming. See, your room is completely clean now.

7. Make your work enjoyable

Believe me; this trick works well for many. Turn on your favorite music during dusting or vacuuming. It will let not get you tired quickly, and you will get motivated to clean; moreover, time will fly much faster. Even you can take a short break to make refresh yourself. Take a cup of hot coffee or your favorite drink and cheer yourself up. A 15 minutes short break will energies you to accomplish the rest of the cleaning work.

8. Be kind to yourself

If you haven’t done cleaning work in a long time, do not plan to clean the whole house in one day. Please do not compare the present condition of your house to a previous time when you are not depressed. Even you should never compare yourself to others who can nicely keep organizing their house.

Remember, everyone is not managing a mental health issue like you. You are dealing with some difficulties, which can sometimes make your life hard. What if your house is not organized and a bit messy? Take your time, and when you are calm enough, go for your cleaning job.

9. Take help from others

If you have a budget, why don’t you hire someone to help you? Taking a few services from others can save your energy also. Ask someone for vacuuming if you feel irritated about the noise.

You do not advise you to depend on someone regarding cleaning; we just tell you to consider someone who can manage some of your day-to-day tasks when you are feeling depressed.

10. Let’s celebrate when it is done

A warm congratulation can help to get motivated to clean when you are depressed. Yes, in this mental condition, a little thing can be a big victory. Admire your work and congratulate yourself when it is done. Reward yourself for fulfilling the cleaning target. It will encourage you to do your next day’s work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need must-have cleaning products?

Yes, the Proper cleaning product will help you to do your cleaning work quickly with a good result.

Is planning essential for house cleaning?

Yes, when you are depressed, you need to make a plan to drive cleaning work so that you can accomplish your target in minimal time.

Is it mandatory to consider outfits during cleaning work?

Not mandatory at all, but nobody feels comfortable with tight jeans when they do their cleaning work. A loose and comfortable outfit will help you to do your work easily.

How can I reward myself after meeting my cleaning goal?

Well, it depends on you. You can also offer yourself a nice, aromatic bath, drinks with your loved one, or a shopping trip.

Wrapping up

Getting motivated to clean, especially when depressed, is undoubtedly a tough job. It would be best if you encouraged yourself to at least do a little so that it cannot pile and turn into a big job. A clean and organized room will leave a positive impact on your mind, and it is good for your mental health issues. Try to maintain regularity for doing house cleaning work but do not take stress at all.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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