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The demand for wood furniture is very high because of its attractive design, long-lasting durability, and robustness. But if you do not remove dirt regularly on the surface of the wooden furniture, it may lose its shine. Dust, smoke from cigarettes, and cooking oil accumulate over time and create an extra layer of grime on the wooden surface.

It would be best if you clean regularly to avoid the dirt and grime layer on the surfaces. Because once these types of coatings are created, it can be too stubborn for cleaning typically. In this situation, you may need some advanced cleaning procedures to remove grime completely without damaging furniture. Here we will discuss how to clean grime off wood furniture easily.


An effective procedure to clean grime off wood furniture

Here are some practical, safe, and quick solutions to remove dust, grime even molds on wood surfaces cleaning. Let us see:

1. Clean grime off wood furniture without chemical

  1. Use microfiber cloth and water

Microfiber cloth is the best thing for dusting wood furniture. If your regularly used wooden furniture does not infect with any tough stain, then using a piece of microfiber cloth would be good enough for cleaning that dust.

Take a little bit of water to dampen the microfiber towel before wiping the grime from the wooden surface, if needed. Upon contact with water, the dirt will dissolve, and the microfiber cloth will wipe it entirely.

After wiping with a wet cloth, take another dry piece, and again wipe the area you have clean. Do it carefully, because if you leave it wet, then the wood can be damaged.

  1. Use some soapy water

Sometimes you may have to face a tougher stain or dirt on wooden furniture. In this situation, only dry microfiber cloth or wet cloth cannot do a complete cleaning job. It would be best if you tried to add a drop of the liquid shop to your cleaning towel. You can use liquid dish soap, but do not forget to test it before applying.

Use some soapy water

A damp towel and add a drop of soap, now apply it on a small hidden area of the wooden surface. If there is no harmful reaction, then the dish soap will be applicable for cleaning. Add a few drops of detergent into the water and dump the cloth to clean your furniture. Again just immediately wipe the wet area with a dry cloth to avoid getting damaged.

  1. Use vinegar and olive oil

Do you know, that vinegar is a beautiful natural cleanser? Yes, the grime of wood furniture can be cleaned very quickly with vinegar.


  • Microfiber cloth
  • Vinegar
  • Olive oil
  • Water
  • Spray bottle

Make a solution of two teaspoons of olive oil, one-fourth cup of vinegar, and a cup of water and pour it into a spray bottle. Now shake perfectly and spray the solution onto the cloth and wipe your wooden furniture.

2. Clean grime off wood furniture with chemical

  1. Use mineral spirit

Sometimes the dirt and grime become really stubborn that ordinary household ingredients can not remove them entirely. You may need some advanced procedures.


  • Microfiber cloth
  • Soft cloth
  • Liquid dish shop
  • Used toothbrush
  • Water
  • Vacuum
  • Mineral spirits

Select a well-ventilated working place for driving a cleaning job to protect your house from pungent smells. It will be best if you choose any outdoor place like a garage.

At first, remove loose dirt lightly from the wood surface using a microfiber cloth. Then use a vacuum and brush to clean the corners and cracks if it has any. Mix dish soap into the water and dump a soft cloth. Wring excess water and wipe the surface lightly.

Usually, the mineral spirit is not harmful to wood, but for better safety, apply spirit to a hidden area of the furniture to check the reaction. If there is no harmful reaction, then clean the entire surface.

After cleaning with mineral spirit thoroughly, take another clean wet cloth and wipe gently again the surface. It is very important to dry completely to remove excess moisture from the wooden surface. Take another dry clean cloth and wipe it down.

  1. Use wax

Wax helps to create a protecting layer on the surface of wooden furniture. Do not wax before you clean furniture thoroughly. Otherwise, the wax layer will trap grime and dirt, and it will be more difficult to clean later.

Use a 100 percent cotton cloth for use wax. Take a spoonful of wax that size should be like a golf ball. Wrap the wax with a cotton towel and gently press until it becomes soft. Once the wax becomes soft enough, rub it in a circular motion over wood along with the cloth.

Wipe away the excess wax using a lint-free, clean cotton cloth. If you do get the required shine, then apply a second coat for maximum shine.

Remove mold and mildew

Sometimes mold or mildew can damage wood furniture. Above listed cleaning procedure also work fine to remove mold or mildew. Just remember one thing that you must have to dry the surface completely. Otherwise, these will remain a chance to develop mold again.

If the mold and mildew are heavier and more robust, then apply any advanced procedure. In that case, you may need to take some extreme caution so that the wood surface does not damage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you remove ingrained dirt from wood?

Removing integrated dirt from the wood requires some tricks. If the wood is varnished, you have to use a damp cloth with dish soap. But for untreated wood, you can use oil/turpentine and white vinegar mixture to remove the stubborn dirt.

How do you clean wood furniture without removing the finish?

Make sure to use mild dish soap with water to clean the wood furniture. Do not scrub too harshly; instead, use a soft, damp cloth to wipe the surface. Also, do not over-saturate the wood as it may ruin the furniture.

Can I clean wood furniture with vinegar?

Yes, you can use vinegar to clean your wood furniture as it doesn’t ruin the wood. It is an effective solution to remain all-natural.

Can you use Dawn dish soap on wood furniture?

Yes, you can. This dish soap is mild enough not to ruin your wood furniture. You have to mix water with the soap to get the perfect cleaning. In fact, you can use any kind of dish soap to clean your wood furniture as long as it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals.

Final touch

Here we discussed some of the easiest ways to clean grime on wood furniture, which you can try at your home. You can choose any of these cleaning procedures in consideration of the level of dirt and grime you want to remove. Use only dry and wet microfiber cloth to remove only loose dust, liquid dish soap for light stains, and chemicals for tougher and stubborn grime.

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