How To Get Wax Out Of Carpet | Step By Step Guide

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A couple of candles may seem little, but more than often, they can create a nice and cozy ambiance in your home. We sure love the idea, but it’s not as lovable when the wax from candles gradually gets on the carpet while we were too busy enjoying the moment. Then the headache starts, how to get wax out of the carpet?

Don’t worry, or regret your enthusiasm to enjoy that warm setting in your home. Because getting wax out of carpet is relatively easy if you know the right moves.

You don’t even have to call for professional cleaning services or search YouTube immediately. In this article, we’ve laid out a complete step-by-step guide on how to get wax out of carpet easily.


How Do You Get Wax Out of the Carpet with Heat

To get wax out of the carpet effectively, first, we need to gather the weapons. They are only a few simple materials you use every day.

  • An ice pack
  • A blunt-edged knife or a spoon
  • An iron (Alternatively you can use a hairdryer)
  • Paper towel or brown paper bag
  • Rubbing alcohol, or vinegar
  • Vacuum cleaner

Once you have assembled all of these, let’s get down to clean off the wax out of the carpet.

  • Soak up while it’s warm and melted

If you happen to notice the spilled wax instantly, act fast. Take a dry paper towel and place it on the wax while it’s still fresh and melted so that the excess wax can be soaked up.

Don’t rub the place to remove the wax because that’ll only spread the thing more on the carpet. Gently press the paper towel on the wax area to absorb as much as you can.

Replace the paper with new ones once it’s soaked up enough, and continue the process until the leftover wax becomes dry.

  • Use the ice pack to freeze the wax area

When you have wax on your carpet, it takes only a minute or two for the wax to get hardened. But that state is not easy to remove. To remove the wax easily, place an ice pack on the substance area. Make sure to wrap the pack in a dry towel or a ziplock bag so that the wax doesn’t get wet.

Damp wax can be even harder to remove than it was in the first place, so place the ice pack gently on the wax. Your aim is to freeze the wax as much as possible without getting it wet. Leave the ice for a few minutes to work.

  • Scrape away the frozen wax with a knife

After the ice bag has frozen the wax and hardened enough, take your knife or a spoon. Gently scratch the surface to easily remove the wax from the carpet as much as you can. If you are lucky, you’ll be able to remove all of it with the tool. If you’re not, continue to our next step.

  • Iron the wax stain and leftovers

Freezing the substance and scraping it will have removed most of the wax from the carpet. For the leftovers, prepare the iron and heat it to a lower temperature. You don’t want to heat the iron too much, because your carpet surface and fibers can melt by using it.

Also, do not use steam settings on the iron, so there is no chance to wet the carpet surface. You just want the heat to work.

Place a paper towel or a brown paper bag on the wax area and carefully rub the low-heated iron over the area. Notice that the heat is helping the paper absorb wax from the carpet. Remember not to leave the iron on any spot of the carpet for too long.

Replace the paper once it has absorbed enough, and repeat the process until the wax is completely removed from the carpet.

  • Use a carpet cleaning agent

After you have successfully removed the wax, now it’s time to clean the carpet once and for all, to make sure the carpet fibers aren’t holding anything back. Take the cleaning agent you prefer, it could be a commercial carpet cleaning solution, rubbing alcohol, or the good old vinegar.

Before you use it, make sure to drop test the cleaner on a remote area of the carpet, to make certain it does not damage or bleach the carpet surface.

Carefully spray the cleaner over the wax spot. Take a dry towel or a piece of cloth to gently press over the area and blot the carpet. Continue to blot the area; if the wax had left any stain, it should come off eventually. Then to take off the moisture, use a dry towel to remove the cleaner leftovers.

After you’re done cleaning your carpet, let it dry in an open space, preferably under direct sunlight.

  • Vacuum the carpet

Once the carpet is dry, use a good vacuum cleaner to restore the carpet texture and return it to its previous state. You will have your carpet back as if nothing happened to it. It’s considerably easier to get wax out of carpet, so don’t let yourself get tensed over such an incidence.

How to Get Wax Out of Carpet without Heat

We have learned how to get wax out of carpet using iron, but what if you don’t have an iron in your home? Or even if there is, is there any technique as to how to get wax out of the carpet without heat?

Get Wax Out of Carpet without Heat

Fortunately, we have the solutions. Removing wax out of carpet without using any heat can be a bit different method, but it’s relatively simple and almost the same. Here’s how:

  1. Take a few ice cubes or an ice pack and wrap it in a plastic bag. Make sure it has no leak because you don’t want water drops to leave the bag. Place the covered ice on the wax area and leave it to freeze the surface. Remember not to wet the wax; you just want to chill it out.
  2. After the wax is hardened, make sure the spot is dry and no longer soft. Next, take a blunt-edged knife or a spoon to scrape off the wax. Do it gently and carefully, as you don’t damage the carpet fibers while removing the wax. Continue the effort until you’ve removed the wax as much as you can.
  3. Since you have scratched off the wax, use a vacuum cleaner. Remove any remaining wax chunks without making any damage to the carpet.
  4. For any leftover wax or stains, use a carpet cleaning agent. You can take rubbing alcohol, or any commercial cleaning solution to work with. Carefully spray cleaner on the spot and blot the space with a dry towel. Repeat the procedure until the stains are completely removed.

Finally, leave the carpet to air dry, and you’ll have your carpet free from wax or any evidence of stains.

How to Get Colored Wax Out of Carpet

If you have colored candles and the wax is spilled over the carpet, sometimes it can leave stains. It’s a little complicated to get colored wax out of the carpet, as you have to use stronger cleaners to remove it completely. But don’t worry, we’ll guide you and share how to get colored wax out of the carpet.

How to Get Colored Wax Out of Carpet

After you have completed the first 4 steps of how to get wax out of carpet without heat, use a DIY cleaning agent on step 5. To make the cleaner, you’ll need rubbing alcohol, warm water, and a dish detergent that can be found in your kitchen.

Take half a cup of each of the materials and create a mixture. Remember not to use too hot water, as it could further damage the carpet and leave stains. Use the homemade cleaning agent and spray it over the wax-stained area. Leave it for a while to work, then blot the space with a clean, white towel or a piece of cloth.

Replace the towel with new ones after it’s soaked up, and continue to blot the spot until the stains come off. It should come off eventually if you have done it right.

After you have taken off the stain, wet the wax area with only warm water and blot the space. Leave the carpet to dry in an open space, and vacuum it afterward. You will have your carpet wax and any kind of stain free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is wax easy to get out of the carpet?

If you follow some special procedures, wax can be easier to remove. For instance, you can freeze the wax. You must place a bag of ice cubes on the wax and get it cold. After a while, the wax will get solidified, and it will be easier to tackle.

How does vinegar remove wax from the carpet?

You can simply pour vinegar alongside baking soda on the wax. The mixture will neutralize the stain. Once all of the baking soda is dissolved, use a towel to clean the wax and vacuum the area. Make sure that you do not drench the area too much.

Will vinegar dissolve wax?

Yes, it does. But you should not use vinegar on the furniture. You can use vinegar to clean waxed surfaces. Mixing vinegar with baking soda creates a strong solvent for waxes. You can also use other solutions like an iced bag or the scraping method.

What can dissolve wax?

Anything that dissolves oil can dissolve the melted wax. So you can use your nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol, or even vinegar to remove wax. If you look around in your house, you will find a lot of things to dissolve the wax.

Wrapping up

We know that getting wax on the carpet is not a rare thing, and it can happen from time to time. We’ve shared all of the possible ways how to get wax out of the carpet. So that you can enjoy that lovely ambiance candles bring to your house without getting worried.

Still, try to use candles carefully, maybe use a surface or a plate before placing them in the house. So you can spare yourself from all of the steps and efforts to remove wax from the carpet.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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