Why Does My House Smell Like Fish & How to Get Rid of It

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It is not mandatory that the strange fishy smell origins only from fish. In fact, a fishy smell can also build in your dirty socks. Sometimes this ugly smell simply becomes unbearable. The most common reason for a smell like fish in your house is either you or your neighbor cooked fish. Often fish BBQ or fish fry in your kitchen leaves an unpleasant fishy smell in the house. Even your air purifier also may need several hours to remove this unpleasant smell from your home.

So, if you notice any unpleasant fishy smell in your house, then try to find out the actual reason at first. Then take the necessary step to remove it successfully. However, a fishy smell is not harmful to health, but it itself is sometimes unbearable. Here we will discuss why your house smells like fish and how to get rid of it. Let us go for the details.


Why does my house smell like fish

When you notice fishy smells in your house, cooking fish may not always be the reason. In fact, sometimes it occurs that a fishy smell creates from a completely different source. In that case, you should check your electrical board quickly. Because when an electrical component is burning or overheating, an unpleasant fishy smell can create. This foul smell can come from frayed or loose cords or wires, faulty outlets, overloaded circuits, overheated electrical shielding or insulation, or incorrectly sized fuses and breakers.

If you do not fix these electrical issues quickly and adequately, any of these problems can be hazardous and causes a house fire.

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How to get rid of fishy smell in house

If you are a fish lover, then obviously, its smell will not bother you while you will be frying, broiling, or baking it. But several hours later, the fishy smell still lingers in the kitchen or even the entire house. And most often, this smell is not so pleasant; even many fish lovers also want to get rid of it. However, the good thing is that there is plenty of easy ways to get rid of this aroma.

  1. Open windows and doors to ensure air circulation

Enough air circulation can effectively reduce the bad smell of the house. Open all windows and doors (if possible) to let the odor escape so fresh air can enter. Air can circulate even through the small crack of the window. The sooner you will open the windows, the better you get the result. The best is to keep open windows during your cooking and leave them empty for as long as possible.

  1. Turn on fans

It is another best and easiest way to remove the unpleasant smell from the house. Turn on ceiling fans, exhaust fans, or room fans to help better air circulation. Like opening windows, you should also apply this method as soon as possible. And the best is to turn on fans from starting your cooking to after cooking.

  1. Contain the smell

It is another tricky method to remove the fishy smell from the house. At first, you have tried to lock the smell into one place and then remove it. So, before you start your cooking, close all the doors of the house. In this way, you can confine the smell to the kitchen. Now ventilate your kitchen properly while you cook. Do not forget to turn on the exhaust fan, and keep the open kitchen window and back door.

  1. Eliminate the source of the fishy smell

First, find out the source of the smell. If the reason is cooking fish, then as soon as possible, tightly wrap the leftover meal and preserve it in the refrigerator. Wash out dishes and throughout trash immediately. Take some vinegar and lemon juice onto the kitchen towel and wipe down the countertop and kitchen surface to eliminate the fishy odor. Household cleaning with baking soda and vinegar is quite popular and effective also. You can try it to remove the smell from the sink or countertop.

Suppose the fishy smell creates from the other source like from any electrical accident, then as soon as possible fix it. If you can’t do it own then call for an electrician.

  1. Light a candle

There are plenty of varieties of highly scented candles and smoker’s candles available in the market. These candles can do a great job of covering the fishy smell. Collect your favorite candle from the market and light it in the smelliest area like the kitchen or dining room. These candles produce plenty of fragrance and last for a long time. Though there is plenty of perfumery smell, peppermint and lemon scents work quite well in removing food smells from the house.

How to get rid of the fishy smell in the kitchen

Fish is rich in beneficial nutrients but its smell sometimes makes us annoying. The unpleasant fishy smell stuck in the kitchen for a long time and sometimes it can be longer for the next day also. Luckily there is some very simple way to remove the fishy smell from the kitchen. These are:

  1. Make an odor-eating smell killer

This method you should apply after you finished your cooking. But try to make it immediate after finished the cooking to get a more effective result. You can make this smell killer using some common kitchen ingredients.

  • Use of lemon juice: Place a pan of water on the stove. Put some cut-up lemon into the pan. Let it simmer. The lemon aroma will eliminate the fishy smell from the kitchen air.
  • Use of garlic and thyme: Add some garlic cloves and thyme into the pan when you are cooking the fish. It will help to replace the smell of fish with the pleasant aroma of the herbs.
  • Use of vinegar: Take a small pan and put some vinegar into it. Place it on the stove and let it simmer.
  • Use of cinnamon and spices: Again, place a pan of water on the stove. Put a few sticks of cinnamon or some other great-smelling spices like fresh rosemary or ground cloves.

All of these methods are widely used and quite popular in removing fishy smells from the kitchen. These methods are also very useful for other smelly food like garlic, bacon, liver, cabbage, and brussels sprouts.

  1. Leave some orange peels

It is another easy way to eliminate smells after cooking fish in your kitchen. Just take orange peels and dry them out in the sun or microwave oven. Store them in the container. Whenever you need to refresh the kitchen air, burn the dried peels using a match. Enjoy the incredible natural fruity aroma in your kitchen instantly.

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How to get rid of the fishy smell in the fridge

The first and must-do method to eliminate fish odor from the fridge is always to wrap or cover the fish in an airtight container to reduce its smell.

Another easy trick is to put some baking soda on one side of the fridge. It will absorb any kind of foul odor.

If already your fridge is affected by the fish smell, you should clean it immediately. Make a solution with one liter of warm water and one-fourth cup of baking soda. Add one tablespoon of any liquid detergent. Damp a soft cloth into the solution and wipe the interior of the fridge.

A few drops of vanilla extract will help you remove the fishy smell quickly. Do not forget to remove food, trays, and all other things from the fridge before you start cleaning. After the wipe, dry the interior and the exterior thoroughly. Now place back the food, drawers, and trays.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much time can it take to reduce the fishy smell of the house?

Well, it only depends on which method you are going to try. But overall, it can take 25/30 minutes to eliminate the smell.

Can lemon juice reduce the fish smell?

Yes, lemon juice can effectively reduce the fish smell.

Is lemon juice effective in removing the fishy smell?

Yes, of course. Lemon juice is very much useful in removing bad smells.

Is a fishy smell can cause any health issues?

No, the fishy smell does not cause any health issues, but it can disturb your sense.

How can I remove the fishy smell from my hand?

Make a solution of vinegar and lemon juice or baking soda and water and clean your hand with it. It can effectively remove the fishy smell from the hand.

Wrapping up

Though removing a fishy smell from the house is not quite a tough job, if you can eliminate the source of the smell, it will be the best. However, if you cannot prevent to happen it, any of the above-listed methods can help you get rid of it. If one method does not work well, then try another. Share your experience for the best result method with us and also share if you have any better ideas.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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