How to Get Coffee Stains Out of Carpet | With Easy Solutions

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When coffee spills on the carpet, it can leave stubborn stains and marks in there. You may have faced problems with removing coffee stains from the carpet once in a while. It can be a matter of real headache for you to find the solution to eliminating those. There are many cleaners available in the market to eliminate those stains.

Luckily you can use many household components for the same process as well. Use those natural and chemical cleaners, and follow the correct path to remove those stains from the carpet. So, not to get panicked anymore about how to get coffee stains out of the carpet.

In this guide, we will show you all the means to help you do your job yourself.


Is It Possible to Remove Coffee Stains Out of the Carpet Fully?

With quick useful steps, it’s possible. Unless you hurry up after the accident, the job of cleaning stains out will give you a rough day.

There is a saying among the most repeated carpet cleaning companies,” The sooner you treat the spill, the less likely that there will be a stain.”

So, as soon as your coffee spills over your carpet, act fast to make things easier for you. The stains are removable as long as the carpet does not permanently absorb them.

Things You Need to Know About Removing Fresh Coffee Stains

As soon as you recognize the affected spot of the carpet, making quicker steps will increase the chance of getting back to the previous stage of the carpet. Find a clean cotton cloth. By using the cloth, bolt the stained area slowly. Coffee stains are quite infamous for spreading around the carpet. So try it from the outer side to the middle.

Again, don’t press the cloth down to the affected area and keep blotting. Try to make the area dry as much as you can. Be careful with it. Now, you might need to follow two different ways if the stains are old. Let’s finish the steps for the fresh coffee first.

How to Remove Fresh Coffee Stains from Carpet

The fresh coffee stain is easier to remove if anyone takes steps quickly. The fresher the stain, the easier it is to be removed.

Step 1: Blot the area with a cotton cloth

Blot the affected area with a clean cotton cloth carefully. Don’t scrub the carpet as it will damage the fiber of the carpet. Always switch to the cleaner part of the cloth as soon as it is colored with coffee stains.

Step 2: Use cold water

Put some cold water on the area where it is stained. After that, you need to keep the process continued as long as the stains are not hoisted.

Step 3: Prepare the solution

Now make your cleaner at home. You need to make the cleaner with one tablespoon of dish soap (liquid), white vinegar, and two cups of warm water. Mix these elements in the said proportion. You can always replace your expensive carpet cleaner with the supplies you already own. This is as effective as the expensive one.

Step 4: Implement your mixture

It’s time to apply the cleaner. Retake a clean cloth and dampen the cloth in the mixture. Now apply it to the stains from the edges of the affected area to the midst. To absorb the mixture, use some cold water. Then blot it with paper towels so that it can suck the whole part.

Step 5: Dry the place out

Use a hand vacuum or a hairdryer in case you don’t have any vacuum to go over the stained part. The carpet fiber should be removed from the stain at this stage. Remember to continue the process slowly until it’s totally dry.

Don’t oversaturate the carpet. And also, don’t overspray the mixture. This might result in keeping more stains on the carpet as it will further attract dirt in the long run. Avoid walking through the area until it is totally dry.

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How to Get Old Coffee Stains Out of Carpet

The process of removing old coffee stains is quite similar to the previous steps. The difference is time duration and patience. You might need to take your day off from your office to make this task done.

The materials you need:

  1. Paper towels
  2. Baking soda
  3. Vinegar
  4. Warm water
  5. Mild soap or clean dish detergent
  6. Vacuum cleaner

Step 1: Wet the stained area lightly

As the stains are quite old, you might need to add warm water on the spot to loosen up the stains. Now blot the area with the help of a clean cotton cloth, as said earlier, from the outer side to the center. The warm water will help if you use it taking a gap.

Clear as many trains as you can with the help of the cloth. Continue using the new cloth section until no more color on the cloth is visible. Avoid any type of scrubbing technique.

Step 2: Remove moisture by adding cold water

Add some cold water to the affected area and blot it up with a new piece of cloth or paper towels. The intention is to remove the moisture by diluting the stains with cold water and soaking it up again with a paper towel.

This will help the stains to come up that didn’t show their face in the first place.

Step 3: Prepare your solutions at home

To remove the coffee stains from the carpet successfully, you need a solution like before. In this case, take a dish and mix 1 tsp of liquid dish soap, and 2 cups of warm water, and then pour little vinegar into it.

Now you have got your own old coffee stains remover.

step 4: Test the mixture in a discreet area

It is important to check out if the solution might have any negative effect on the carpet. Select a discreet area and try the solution there. Check if the area of the carpet is showing any unusual effect. After pouring the solution, at least wait for 20 minutes.

Step 5: Apply your homemade stain remover

Applying the stain remover is the same way we applied it for removing the fresh coffee stains.

After pouring the stain remover on the affected area, you can slowly rub the place with your fingers. Take caution not to scrub the fiber of the carpet. It will further result in more damage. Put a cotton cloth or Paper towels to dry the stains from

Step 6: Use your vacuum

The last part is to make the place dry. After completing the process, keep an eye on the affected area for the next whole day. Don’t walk through the place for the next 24 hours.

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How to Remove the Reappearing Coffee Stains?

The coffee stain is back! 

Don’t be surprised. It is also a usual thing. This happens when the original stain is not lifted out properly. The moisture is still there. Instead of soaking the stains out, the liquid might spread out. So what is the solution now?

Step 1: Follow the Steps of Fresh Coffee Stain Removal

Repeat the steps of removing fresh stains. The method is helpful in all means. Just keep it slow and repeat.

Step 2: Place a Towel to Absorb the Moisture

Then, place a towel on the spot. Keep things like this for a while. The towel will absorb the moisture from the fiber of the carpet.

Step 3: Use Stain Remover

You can try some other things such as stain remover. Folex and Resolve are the most used stain remover. Use it carefully following the instruction given to its bottle. And try this out.

Hydrogen peroxide is helpful. You will find some other thing. You can also use Oxiclean Carpet and Rug stain remover directly onto the spot.

GP66 can also be used. You have to pour it in full strength, then wipe it with microfiber. Don’t make things worse by scrubbing it.

Always call a professional if things don’t work out your way. Sometimes following the mere steps is not enough if you cannot apply your sense properly.

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Few Other Cleaning Tips

It might happen that the ingredients mentioned above are not available at the very moment. What else to do then? We have brought some extra tricks for solving the problem. Take a look!

  • You can always use salt to lighten the stain. Lightening up the stain will help you to mark the specific area and work on it. Before using salt add some cold water on the spot.
  • Use lemon! Lemon is extremely effective to remove stains from shirts. You can also boost up the power of any stain cleaner by adding some lemon to it.
  • If the carpet fiber is long, you will find difficulties removing the stains. You just have to increase the plotting time.
  • Your homemade solution should be tested by putting it on a discreet part before you finally use it on the main spot.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Does peroxide get stains out on the carpet?

The answer is yes. Hydrogen Peroxide works very fast. Mix it up with two cups of dish soaps rather than using it directly on the carpet. spray it on the stained area and use a towel to soak it up.

After rubbing for a while, check the back of the towel. You will find some transformation. The stains will be slowly out. Hydrogen Peroxide is more effective than most other stain removers.

What if the coffee contained cream or sugar?

If the coffee contained cream or sugar, you might need to change the stain remover or its ingredients. The ingredients are 1 cap of enzyme laundry detergent, and one cup of warm water.

Mix the ingredients in a dish and blend it well. Apply this solution as stain remover following the steps mentioned for removing old coffee strain. This solution will help to break the layer of the cream.

Does baking soda remove serious stains?

Baking soda is something exceptional. It can remove serious stains on your carpet. Mix baking soda with water at the proportion of 1:3 and make a paste to be used as a stain remover. Adding a little vinegar will make the soda mixture more powerful.

Final Words

These methods of how to get coffee stains out of carpet are the ways that you can apply without the help of any professional services. The baking soda and vinegar mixture will help you remove the stains but remember it will take patience and repeat a few steps.

Moreover, keep in mind the things you must avoid during the whole process. Doesn’t matter how effective these methods are; never hesitate to call for professionals if you are not confident enough.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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