8 Effective Methods to Get Permanent Marker Out of Carpet

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Permanent markers are no surprise nowadays, but the ink it comes with keeps no chance to amaze us. Now, if you have permanent markers and kids in your home, it’s no wonder what you have gone through, especially on the carpet. I can feel you.

Once I felt disastrous what my nephew did to my lovely carpet with a permanent marker, and trust me, it was horrible. Then, I started tedious research to find out how to get permanent markers out of the carpet. I found some truly reliable tips and tricks.

That’s what you’ll be a part of today. If you follow the tips, I believe you won’t have to get in the jam with markers again and remove the spots comfortably.


How to Get Permanent Marker Out of Carpet | 8 Effective Methods

Method 1 – Applying Hairspray

Before throwing your permanent marker-blotched carpet out of your house and letting it chill in the dross, get a hairspray to clear out the mark without even trying. Hairspray consists of alcohol which helps to dissolve the ink more firmly compared to customary laundry detergent. Let’s have a look at how you can remove the stain with the help of hairspray.

Essentials you need:

  • Oil-free hairspray
  • Cotton swabs


  1. Get a decanter of oil-free hairspray and spout a modest quantity of it over the carpet.
  2. Steadily smear the marker taint with cotton swabs.
  3. Put in more hairspray if desiderated.
  4. Mop up the carpet till the color hardly gets visible.

Method 2 – Applying Hand Sanitizer

Alcohol-containing hand sanitizers take up 90 percent of ethanol which effectively eliminates the permanent marker smut. They generally re-enable the smut, letting you rub out the mark hands down! It may sound a bit contradictory, but you will find the best result out of it.

Essentials you need:

  • A good quality full hand sanitizer
  • Cotton bulbs


  1. Gush the sanitizer out instantly on the stained carpet.
  2. Tenderly smear and scour your cotton bulbs within the spot.
  3. Spritz more drops of hand sanitizer according to your need.
  4. Keep extra cotton bulbs and replace them with the used ones.
  5. Erase out the ink unless it goes off abidingly.

Method 3 – Applying Acetone

Acetone is primarily used as a solvent to invent commercial and industrial-grade plastic and other goods. To an extent, it is used for household cleaning, personal care, and style products. So, ink is nothing in front of it.

Essentials you need:

  • Acetone
  • Chunks of Cotton Wool


  1. Drench the chunks of cotton in the acetone.
  2. Tarnish the stained marker carpet frequently
  3. Compress tight and sturdy to wipe out the spot
  4. Move to a fresh cotton ball or cotton chunks when one finishes drying up.
  5. Keep on this process unless the taint or smut is abolished purely from the carpet.

Method 4 – Clean Cloth

Clean cloth pictures are an outstanding job when it comes to cleaning. Even with a soap and water mixture or any other solvent, a cleaning cloth becomes incomparable. Now, you might be thinking about how to remove a permanent marker with just a bare clean cloth. Well, see it yourself.

Essentials you need:

  • Fresh fabrics or clothes
  • Laundry or dish soap


  1. Instantaneously, you find the spot. Try to take it out from the surface with a fresh fabric or cloth. Dishrags are allowed too.
  2. If you can work at full speed while the spot is still soggy, you will probably be one step ahead to wipe out the existing mark or smut before it gets fixed onto the carpet string.
  3. Take a soggy, fresh dish rag or fabric and rub it off with dish soap; eventually, apply this soapy cloth onto the tainted portion and dispel the spot.
  4. Don’t rush to dissolve the spot; allow it to disappear without a trace.

Method 5 – Carpet cleaner

Carpet cleaners deal with a mixture of cleaning agents or cleaning solutions. These cleaning solutions and a good amount of water trigger off the marker colors and drive them away from the carpet.

Essentials you need:

  • Carpet Cleaner
  • Fresh cloth


  1. Snap up carpet cleaner; considered the strongest lime cleaner.
  2. Jiggle the product properly once you unlock it.
  3. Put in a little stain remover to the tainted portion of the carpet.
  4. Leave up the carpet for 60 seconds with this solution and wait until it absorbs the solution completely.
  5. Wipe the area with a fresh cloth. The marker trace needs to start shifting from carpet to fabric, giving a spotless carpet for you.

Method 6 – Applying Milk

Milk has not only the purpose of making delicious sweets, cereal, and shakes. It can also be a handier and easier way of alleviating smut, and permanent marker scars from the carpet. So without thinking, take a look at the followings steps

Essentials you need:

  • Fresh Milk powder
  • Limpid water


  1. Mix up powder milk and clean water in a bowl.
  2. Outpour the liquid milk on the tainted portion. Don’t forget to cover up the whole rusted area.
  3. Let the carpet drench the whole night.

Method 7 – Stain Remover

Would you go with a generalized solution or the one that reaches targeted issues? For the record, how to get a permanent marker out of carpet is undoubtedly hassle-free with vinegar. Vinegar really pays off the stain removing stuff like no other products out there.

Essentials you need:

  • A bottle of distilled white vinegar
  • New cloth
  • Water


  1. Pour a few droplets of distilled white vinegar on the stained spot.
  2. Let it stay on the spot for a few minutes.
  3. Then, bring a cloth and dip it into the water to make it damp.
  4. When the cloth is dampened, unleash a soft wipe on the stain in circular motions.

Method 8 – Rubbing Alcohol

Permanent marker ink is a catch-22 when you aren’t aware of the right path and tool. Rubbing Alcohol is one of those effective ways of removing stains, including stains like permanent markers. It is basically an ethanol-type liquid known for eliminating marks from the carpet.

But before you leave for the primary process, make sure you test out the rubbing alcohol you put your hands on. Or it’d be best to test on an extra carpet if you have one because all fabric can’t endure the power of rubbing alcohol.

Essentials you need:

  • A sponge
  • Paper towel
  • A bottle of rubbing alcohol
  • A piece of clean cloth


  1. The process is to go slow, so don’t rush. First, bring a sponge and dip it into the rubbing alcohol.
  2. Slowly blot the stained spot with the sponge and let it soak the stain.
  3. Once it is complete, take a paper towel. Make sure it is spick and span.
  4. Now, wipe both rubbing alcohol and stain away together but do it with ease. Notice if any ink is coming off from the spot.
  5. Remember to wipe only in the affected area and avoid scrubbing; otherwise, you’ll mess it up and then do any better.
  6. Continue the process until all marks are faded away by changing paper towels.
  7. Soon after inks fade away, give the carpet a good wash. That’s all you’ve to do.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Does Vinegar Remove Permanent Markers?

Yes, it does. You can remove permanent markers from leather surfaces utilizing refined white vinegar. Allow the vinegar to sit on the stain for a couple of moments to guarantee that it infiltrates. At that point, clear off the mess with a sodden fabric and circular motions.

What is the fastest way to get ink out of the carpet?

The fastest way to get ink out of the carpet is using hairspray. It’s relatively easy if you follow the mentioned process. But if the stain is too hard to call it a day, then you should take a closer look at the rubbing alcohol method, or else a professional should be your call.

Does toothpaste remove permanent markers?

Luckily, you can eliminate indelible markers utilizing these conventional family unit items: toothpaste, alcohol, or potentially hairspray. Wet a cotton makeup or cosmetics remover small pad with alcohol. Utilizing a smudging movement, work the stain. Scouring too hard may spread the ink and make a greater territory to clean.

Will H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) take the color out of the carpet?

Utilizing hydrogen peroxide with a convergence of higher than 6% will probably bleach out your rug’s shading colors. Hydrogen peroxide arrangements usually utilized in family units are weakened to a 3% evaluation. Notwithstanding, there’s as yet the danger that the deal can bleach your floor covering/carpet, contingent upon the color or dye.

Final Verdict

A permanent marker isn’t a barrel of laughs indeed. It will give you a heck of a situation. Especially, the unwanted marks on your carpet mutilate it very unevenly. You’ve already seen what clean cloth, hairspray, acetone, alcohol, and others can do. So, let it not scare you anymore.

Happy cleaning!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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