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Steam marks on bathroom walls are an often-occurring problem and quite familiar also. But it can be your headache if you do not take the necessary steps to remove it at the right time. Even if you allow these stains to sit for a long time, you may need to change the bathroom walls’ paint. It is essential to remove steam marks from the bathroom walls quickly; otherwise, you will have to face massive damage to colors.

When stem does not find a way to blow away from the bathroom, they run down walls as water and leave marks. Sometimes these marks become quite challenging to remove. In fact, they were Repainting with semi-gloss remain the only way to fix this problem completely. Well, do not think about repainting too early; at first, follow the below-listed method and try to remove steam marks from bathroom walls. If this method does not work well, then you can go for the repainting.


What causes steam marks on bathroom walls

A hot bath is a regular demand for many people, but it is the main culprit for creating steam marks on the bathroom walls. After taking a shower with hot, steamy water in the bathroom, the humidity level rise in the air. If there isn’t proper ventilation in the bathroom, this steam cools down on the wall and turns into water. Withing a few times, this water dripped down walls and create marks.

These marks turn into ugly stains very soon and remain on the wall even after it becomes completely dry. In this situation, the wall looks so dirty and seems poorly painted.

How to remove steam marks from bathroom walls

When you allow to create the marks frequently, and you leave your bathroom in such a condition for a long time, the mark becomes stronger to remove. Even after a certain period, it becomes impossible to clean. But you need not o worry at all. Following the cleaning method will help you to get rid of this problem quickly and easily.

Necessary tools for cleaning

  • Bucket
  • One pair of rubber gloves
  • Cleaning or scrubbing sponge
  • One gallon of warm water
  • One-fourth cup of white vinegar
  • Half cup of borax
  • One tablespoon of household ammonia

Steps of removing steam marks

  • Take a bucket and pour all liquid cleaning ingredients into it.
  • Mix them well and prepare a robust cleaning solution. Do not forget to wear rubber gloves.
  • Apply the cleaning solution to a small hidden area to check the result of the paint. If there is no harmful reaction, then the solution is ready to apply in the vast area.
  • Take one cleaning sponge and wipe the wall with the cleaning solution. Start applying the solution from the bottom to up to prevent creating additional marks.
  • Let it sits for a few minutes only.
  • Now take another clean sponge and rinse the walls using clean water.
  • Hopefully, your walls are marks-free and shiny also.

Some essential tips for cleaning steam marks

  • Before starting cleaning work, do not forget to seal the baseboards properly with caulk on the floor and at the top so that water cannot enter the wall system. A piece of an old rug or towel against the base of the wall can effectively absorb the excess moisture. Remove it after finishing your cleaning work.
  • If the marks are still there, then why don’t you be a little bit tricky? Just use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Do not forget to check the cautionary instruction for your bathroom wall paints before using them. Apply it to the small hidden part of the wall to check if the paint is out or discolored.
  • After finishing your entire cleaning process, ensure enough bathroom ventilation to avoid excess moisture in the wall.

How to stop creating steam marks in the bathroom

As we already said, the main reason for creating steam in the bathroom is hot water. Unfortunately, there is a specific way to stop creating steam in the bathroom, but it can be significantly reduced.

The steam fills the bathroom and fogs up the mirror and the window because of the air circulation and heat.

  1. Increase air circulation: Your bathroom needs a good ventilation process for increased air circulation. A large window can ensure proper air circulation and reduce the amount of water in the bathroom.
  2. Install ventilation fan: Turn on the ventilation fan for at least 15 minutes or more. It will remove humidity from the room and will prevent steam from storing in the corners and cracks.
  3. Use a dehumidifier: A dehumidifier can effectively remove steam from the air quickly. If your bathroom has a small space and you are suffering from a big steam problem, then a dehumidifier will work really well for you.
  4. Use a heated towel rack: You can use a heated towel rack or, if possible, a heated floor to add warmth to the room. Do not forget to air them regularly to prevent growing mold.
  5. Use a squeegee: Use a squeegee over the bathroom wall after a shower to remove the water. It will not only avoid creating marks but also reduce moisture and prevent growing mold.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I stop my bathroom from steaming up?

Though there are many ways, the most effective way is ensuring enough ventilation to reduce the humidity of the air. It can effectively reduce steaming up the toilet.

Will vinegar damage painted walls?

Usually not. But as a cautionary action, apply vinegar in the small hidden part of the wall to check if there is any harmful reaction and then widely used.

Is steam marks in the bathroom bad?

Yes, of course. Excess steam creates watermarks on the wall. Even it can make the bathroom prone to growing mold and many more things.

Can I use a dehumidifier in the bathroom?

If your bathroom is small enough and has a big steam problem, you can use a dehumidifier to reduce it.

How can a window prevent steam?

A window ensures enough air circulation and reduces steam.

Wrapping up

Removing steam marks from the bathroom walls is not a tough job if you do it regularly. Otherwise, it can be too robust and unremovable. If you let sit the marks on the wall continuously, it can be extremely difficult to remove. Even you need to repaint the wall with bathroom paint, gloss, or semi-gloss.

The better is, to try to reduce the creation of steam in the bathroom, and no or fewer marks will create on the wall. It also minimizes the possibility of growing mold in your bathroom. Well, follow the above-listed method and make your bathroom free from steam marks. Happy cleaning!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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