How to Remove Urine Stains from Bathroom Floor | Step by Step

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Urine stain on the bathroom floor is not the most uncommon issue. It can be caused by accidental spills or incontinence, or even the kids can intentionally be a part of that. Whatever the reason is, you should remove urine stains from the bathroom floor as soon as you discover them.

Not only that it unsightly, but it can also generate a strong smell and become a home to bacteria.

The floor around the toilet is likely to be affected by urine stains the most. The tile and the grout around the toilet are ideal for urine to sit on and leave stains if not treated immediately. In the following section, we’ve shared step-by-step processes to get rid of urine stains from the bathroom floor and its area.


How to Remove Urine Stains from Bathroom Floor

There are a number of choices through which you can remove urine stains from the bathroom floor. Among the most effective ones, below are the best we’ve found from user reviews and experience.
Gather a few things first:

  • Disposable Gloves
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Baking soda
  • Warm water
  • Old rag

Step 1: The very first thing, always wear gloves when you are cleaning the bathroom. When you’re ready, let’s create a household cleaning solution using 3% hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. You should use one part of hydrogen peroxide and two parts of baking soda to create a paste-like solution.

This cleaning agent is highly effective for not only urine stains but also for cleaning grout on the tile floor as well.

Step 2: Apply the paste on the bathroom floor, both stained areas, and others. Use a rag to cover the whole surface and make sure you don’t miss any corners. Leave the solution to work for around 30 minutes.

Step 3: Afterward, take a brush with a soft bristle and gently scrub the floor. Clean urine stains around the toilet and goes over the whole surface as well. You will see that the stains are coming off with the help of the combined action of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.

Step 4: Once you’re done cleaning, pour warm water on the floor and rinse the residues well. If you have stubborn urine stains on the bathroom floor, try using hydrogen peroxide directly on the affected area. Leave for a few minutes and scrub afterward; the stains should be coming off easily.

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How to Remove Urine Stains from Grout Around Toilet

The grout around the toilet is a suitable place for urine to sit on and mark its territory. Sometimes it might be overlooked simply because it’s not always seen easily. Nonetheless, you should get rid of urine stains from grout around the toilet before it’s too late.
Gather the necessities:

  • Disposable gloves
  • An old toothbrush or soft bristle brush
  • Bleach
  • Baking soda
  • Water/Warm water
  • Old rag

Step 1: Bleach is one of the strongest disinfectants and it’s highly effective against any kind of stain including urine stains. Wear your gloves and create a solution using a proportion of one cup of bleach with a gallon of water.

This is a standard cleaning agent for almost any household cleaning difficulties and it’ll work great for urine stains.

Step 2: Apply the solution to the tile grout of your bathroom. Carefully get all the grout lines to get the best result and get rid of urine stains everywhere. You can use an old rag to make the job easier. Leave the paste to work for at least 10 minutes on the floor.

Step 3: Once the bleach has done its work, it’s time to clean it. Use a soft bristle brush or preferably an old toothbrush to gently scrub the grout around the toilet. Work your way into the grout and clean urine stains around the toilet once and for all.

Once you’re done scrubbing and removing the stains, leave it for another 5 minutes before cleaning up.

Step 4: Rinse the surface thoroughly with warm water to clear the bleach solution from the floor and the grout. The stains on the grout should be coming off by now.

Step 5: Afterward, sprinkle some baking soda on the bathroom floor to tackle any unwanted odor generated from urine. Leave the baking soda for 10-20 minutes and then wash it off with water.

Expert tips for bathroom cleaning

  • Consider using baking soda every time you’re cleaning the toilet for urine stains or anything. Baking soda is one of the most effective odor removers for the household. Urine smell is usual for toilets and no matter why your bathroom smells like urine, baking soda will take care of it after a good cleaning.
  • Never mix bleach with ammonia. Their mixture can create seriously harmful toxic gas and endanger the indoor environment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you remove dried urine stains?

Removing dried urine stains can be tough as they can be stubbornly set after a while. So you can get the stains cleaned professionally. You can also use any biological detergent to clean the stained areas on your own. But you might need to soak the area with the cleaner for a few hours to get rid of the stain.

What cleans pee off the floor?

The vinegar and water mixture works very well to clean the pee off the floor. You have to pour the solution into the areas and wait for 10 minutes to let the solution soak. Afterward, use a cloth or sponge to rub the area.

Are urine stains permanent?

No, if you treat the stains on time, they can be easy to deal with. Bleach and vinegar individually work as very effective urine stain cleaners. If the stain has been there for a while, you might need to seek a professional approach to clean the stain.

Does vinegar remove urine stains?

Yes, it does. Vinegar is an excellent substance to clean any type of stain, alongside urine stain. It will break down the uric acid present in urine, making the stain less stubborn. Therefore, you can rub the area using a sponge to get rid of the stain.

Wrapping Up

It’s essential to remove urine stains from the bathroom floor as soon as possible before it gets permanent. The tile and the grout around the toilet are the most ideal places for urine spills to generate tough stains. Tackle urine stains easily using our guide and clean your toilet regularly to keep a healthy environment in your house.

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