3 Easy Techniques To Get Acrylic Paint Out Of Carpet

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Acrylic paint is a vital element for painting. If you are one of the Professional painters or hobby painters or you have creative kids, then acrylic paint usage is common at home. But you have to maintain extra caution if there are carpeted floors or area rugs. A few spills of acrylic dye can ruin the whole beauty of your carpet.

Though you are very caring with the carpet, sometimes accidents take place. But a proper technique can save from ruining the carpet. Whenever your eyes are caught off the stains, follow the right techniques to get acrylic paint out of the carpet.


How To Get Acrylic Paint Out Of Carpet | 3 Easy Techniques 

You can not avoid accidents, especially whether you have kids or not. Paint spills make bold stains on the carpet. If the floor has a light-colored carpet then it becomes more challenging to remove these kinds of stains.

Experts recommend working with the stains when it is wet. Wet paint is much easier to lift from the carpet. But accidents happen when you are not around and meanwhile paint dries. Don’t worry you can successfully remove dried paint without any mess.

Some techniques help you to remove acrylic paint stains. Which technique will work for you depends on the carpet fiber and paint type. When you notice the wet acrylic paint, first you can follow the method below:

Technique 1: Mild soap solution


  • Spoon or dull knife
  • Warm water
  • Mild soap
  • Paper towel
  • Spray bottle

Step 1: Scrap the excessive paint

If the paint is moist, you require to scrap the acrylic paint as much as you can. Use a spoon to scrape the paint. A spoon or dull knife is not harsh for carpet fibers. Then again blot with a white towel and keep blotting until you see no color transparent.

Step 2: Make a mild cleaning solution

Since the acrylic paint is water-based, it almost disappears with only water treatment. If the paint is wet, this water treatment will surely work on the carpet. In a spray bottle, take a teaspoon of mild soap and warm water. Mix them together and spray on the paint stains.

Step 3: Blot the stains

Wet a paper towel with the soap solution and bolt the area. It will remove the stains from the depth and give you a perfect clean.

Step 4: Wipe with a dry paper towel

Now use a dry paper towel to clean the soap solution. Then dry the carpet.

Technique 2: Vinegar solution

If you still see stains left on the carpet then you can follow this method:


  • White vinegar
  • Spray bottle
  • Warm and cold water
  • Paper towel

Step 1: Prepare the solution

You use the same spray bottle and add 1 teaspoon of white vinegar to 1 cup of warm water. Shake the bottle to mix them together.

Step 2: Spray on the stains

Directly spray on the spotted area. Vinegar solution is an all-rounder cleaning element that is very effective for acrylic paint stains. Wait for a while to set the solution.

Step 3: Blot the area

Expunge the stains with a paper towel. The stains should lift after a few blotting. Then take another paper towel and wet it with cold water. Rinse the treated carpet with a wet towel. Lastly, dry the carpet thoroughly.

Mostly, acrylic paint stains are removed with soap and vinegar treatment. Still, if you see visible stains or you don’t have vinegar or you need some strong cleaning solution, then you can apply these methods below.

Technique 3: Rubbing Alcohol


  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Glycerin 
  • Mild soap
  • Water 
  • Paper towel
  • Steam vacuum

Step 1: Pour rubbing alcohol

Saturate a paper towel with rubbing alcohol. Then wipe the stains with the towel. Keep doing it until no paint comes up.

Step 2: Apply glycerin

Take some glycerin onto a paper towel and again blot the carpet. Then sit the glycerin for a few hours.

Step 3: Spray soapy water

Make a soapy solution that we told earlier and spray on the glycerin. Then blot with a dry paper towel and wipe the excessive water. Dry the carpet.

How to get dry acrylic paint out of the carpet?

As we said earlier, wet paint is easier to remove. On the other hand, the dry thing is more challenging. You can surely remove all the wet paint residue by treating it with these methods. It is not impossible to remove dry paint. Only, it will need some extra extortion.


  • Putty knife
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Toothbrush 
  • Vacuum 
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Glycerin
  • Acetone

Step 1: Remove the excessive paint

Dry paint is pretty hard to break so you need to use a putty knife to break it. Use a brush to lift excessive paint. Now vacuum the carpet with a handy attachment to eliminate paint dust. If you can not remove the big chunks then use needle-nose pliers to loosen them.

Sometimes dry paint sticks stubbornly on the carpet fibers. So you can use some lubricant on the carpet fibers like WD-40. It simply softens the dry paint and you can easily remove paint. Apply a gentle amount of WD-40 and wait for 20-25 minutes then process to remove paint.

Step 2: Use rubbing alcohol and glycerin

To use rubbing alcohol, wet a paper towel with it and blot the stained area. Then use glycerin on another dry towel and again strike out the stains. Now, wait for a couple of hours to sit the glycerin.

Step 3: Apply acetone

Acetone is a feasible element for picking paint stains. But you have to test it on the carpet fibers. If it doesn’t affect the fibers, then spray on the carpet. Wait for 5 to 6 minutes. Blot the area or use a toothbrush to rub from side to side and follow a circular motion while rubbing. Then clean with a paper towel.

Though acetone is a powerful solvent, you need to be careful while applying it to the carpet. Use a mask and gloves while utilizing acetone. As it has flaming ingredients, you need to use it in a ventilated area or you can use the fan. Never pour acetone directly on the carpet fiber, it will go under the padding and leak it.

Step 4: Vacuum the whole area

Let dry the carpet. Then vacuum the whole carpet to lift the carpet fibers and it will also remove all the residue. You will surely get a satisfactory result.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does acrylic paint make permanent stains on the carpet?

Most acrylic paint is water-based and it does not make permanent stains if you treat it when it is wet. Actually, you will get a satisfying result after applying the techniques that we have discussed. However, dried acrylic paint is hard to remove. Sometimes dried acrylic paint makes permanent stains. But you can follow the methods to disappear the stains successfully.

Which home remedy will remove acrylic paint from the carpet?

There are various home remedies to treat acrylic paint. Vinegar and water solution is the most useful home remedy that you use instantly on the carpet. Moreover, the mild soap solution is also proven beneficial for acrylic paint.

What is the easiest way to remove acrylic paint from the carpet?

For wet acrylic paint, the mild soapy solution is the easiest way to remove acrylic paint from the carpet. But sometimes it fails to eliminate the stains fully, so you can try another easy way which is vinegar solution.

Can I use nail polish remover onto the acrylic paint on the carpet?

Nail polish remover has acetone elements that are effective to remove paint substances. So you can use the nail polish remover on the carpet fibers

Final Words

Most people get worried to see acrylic paint spills on the carpet. But you don’t need to be conscious as it is very simple to remove. Here you will have an all-in-one tutorial on how to get acrylic paint out of the carpet. We have given a detailed explanation to treat both wet and dry acrylic paint on the carpet. By fulfilling these procedures, you will get a rewarding result.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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