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Cleaning the bathroom is a necessary task to maintain a hygienic atmosphere in the house. Due to our everyday usage, our bathroom gets dirty over time. Normally, we clean the bathroom floor with hot water that doesn’t always kill germs or bacteria. What can we do to clean our bathroom properly in that case?

Pine-Sol is the solution to such problems. It has been a popular multipurpose disinfect since 1920. It doesn’t have a destructive nature like bleach, yet it disinfects almost all types of germs. You can easily clean your bathroom with it.


What Is Pine-Sol?

Pine-Sol is a popular disinfectant, and it is certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) this disinfectant is capable of killing 99% of bacteria. It can get rid of household germs during the flu or winter seasons. People use this product during outbreaks as well.

It is strong enough to clear the house from deadly germs and viruses. Its primary ingredient is glycolic acid. It also contains water, alcohol, sodium sulfonate, etc. The waterworks as the base while alcohol and Sodium Sulfonate act as the cleaning agent.  It is effective not only against germs; it can also clear grease, oil, and dirt efficiently.

How Do You Clean Your Bathroom Using Pine-Sol?

Pine-Sol is both a cleaning and disinfecting material. It is a great thing to use for cleaning the bathroom as it has effective cleaning and disinfecting properties.

Step 1: Create the Mixture

First, get a quarter cup of Pine-Sol from the container. Now, take a spray bottle and mix it with one gallon of water. Mix it properly, so the Pine-Sol creates a perfect mixture with the water.

Step 2: Spray the Mixture

A bathroom surface is full of germs. Spray a good amount of mixture on the bathroom floor and leave it like that for 5-10minutes. At this time, the mixture will kill any bacteria or viruses on the bathroom floor.

Step 3: Wipe the Floor

After spraying the mixture, give it some time to dry, and then wipe the floor using a dry cloth. Then mop the floor with Pine-Sol mixed with warm water. Let air dry the floor. Then mop the floor with normal water again. Remember not to touch Pine-Sol with a bare hand; it has some unregistered chemicals that are harmful to the skin.

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What are other usages of Pine-Sol?

People use Pine-Sol to clean and disinfect their houses instead of bleach. It is a powerful disinfectant, and it also works well to remove dirt, grease, oil, animal fat, etc. It can break down fatty elements when you put it on them. After washing, they get removed completely. If you use Pine-Sol correctly, it can work at its best performance. It is a versatile cleaning product that you can use anywhere in your home.

Pine-Sol has a soft lemon fragrance that can keep pests, rats, and ants away from the house. This sweet smell will keep the environment fresh and lively.

This is excellent at killing weeds also. Mix Pine-Sol and dawn dish soap and spray it on the weeds. It will kill them effectively.

This chemical can remove cloth stains also. Before you put your clothes into the machine, use a little Pine-Sol in the stained areas. After you wash these clothes, the stains will be gone.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Is Pine-Sol a Toxic Chemical?

Pine-Sol itself isn’t toxic. But as it releases dangerous chemicals, you should handle it with caution. A recent study revealed that it contains some unregistered toxic chemicals that have a destructive effect on our bodies. This product is toxic to pet animals. That’s why wipe the area properly after you apply Pine-Sol on it.

Does Pine Sol Have Ammonia in It?

It doesn’t have Ammonia in it. Both Pine-Sol and Ammonia are strong cleaning materials. Mixing them will create a poisonous gas. Exposure to it will affect the body badly.

Pine-Sol vs. Lysol: Which One is better?

As both of them are effective cleaning agents, they can clean your home and get rid of germs or bacteria effectively. However, Lysol contains organic materials, but Pine-Sol is made of many types of chemicals. That’s why Pine-Sol is more effective at cleaning. As both of them are phenol-based products, mixing them will generate poisonous gas as well.

Is Pine Sol Effective as a Disinfectant?

Pine-Sol has strong disinfectant properties. These properties make it a great bacteria-killing agent. If you know the proper use of it, it can provide you with a bacteria-free clean floor.  However, do not touch it barehanded as it can irritate the skin.

Can You Mix Pine-Sol with Bleach?

You should never mix it with a bleach solution. Many people think that they can strengthen the effect of Pine-Sol with a bleach solution. But they are wrong. When you mix them, the mixture turns into a chlorine-generating poison.

If you get exposed to that, it may cause burning pain or blurred vision. It can also irritate the skin. Again, the mixture will not clean well as you thought it would. So, you should avoid mixing Pine-Sol and Bleach.

What are the ingredients of Pine-Sol?

Glycolic acid is the main ingredient of Pine-Sol. It also contains sulfonates, xanthan gum, alcohol, and disintegrates. Alcohol and sodium sulfonates are cleaning agents, while glycolic acid gets rid of the dirt. Distearates are defoamers, and the xanthan gum works as a natural thickener.


Pine-Sol is a multipurpose cleaning material that can clean and disinfect your home at the same time. It has a variety of applications in the home. They include disinfecting, washing, and deodorizing, among other things. To get its best performance, you need to use it properly. You can clean your home and bathroom with its help. As you know how to use pine-sol to clean bathrooms, we hope you can use this versatile chemical to its full capacity.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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