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Gatorade bolsters exercise energy like no other sports drink. Athletes enjoy this drink because it contains a lot of sugar. It comes in a variety of fun colors and flavors. In all forms, it is good stuff, but the worst is when you spill Gatorade on your expensive carpet? Here’s what you need to know to get out of this mess.

What’s the best way to get red Gatorade out of the carpet? There are some effective methods that we will inform you about in this regard.


6 Methods to Remove Gatorade from Carpet

It is not necessary for red or blue Gatorade stains on clothing, upholstery, or carpeting to become permanent. The following methods can help you clean wet or dry Gatorade stains by using numerous household products such as dish soap, club soda, or vinegar until the stain has disappeared. When you want to get Gatorade out of your carpet, you can choose from the following options:

1. The club soda

Red wine and red Gatorade are commonly removed from carpets using club soda. This is the most efficient method, so you may try it first.

  • If the carpet is stained, press a paper towel over it. As the paper towel absorbs the excessive drink, the red Gatorade will shrink and will not spread further.
  • Pour a small amount of club soda on the stain. It’s a good choice to go with seltzer. By using the seltzer, you will dilute the stain and lift it from the carpet.
  • Apply a medium pressure when blotting with a clean towel. You should continue to blot the area until the red Gatorade has become transparent.
  • Take a white towel and dab at the Gatorade after pouring the seltzer there to remove the stain completely.
  • After finishing wiping, grab a second dry towel and dab. You need to keep dabbing until you can see the Gatorade soak into your towels.

2. Using a mixture of water and dish soap

Simple solutions such as dish soap and water will always work. Just prepare a mixture by mixing,

  • 1 tablespoon vinegar,
  • 1 tablespoon dish soap, and
  • 2 cups of water.

This mixture should be applied to the affected area and allowed to dry for 30 minutes. Remove the stain by rubbing the area with a clean cloth after the period is over. Once the Gatorade is absorbed, wipe it off with a dry white rag. Use another rag soaked in the detergent mixture to dab stains occasionally.

Eventually, the mix will be able to eliminate Gatorade. Rinse a towel with cold water, then dab the area for cleaning with it. After the carpet has been cleaned, let it dry without foot traffic.

3. Using a chemical to remove the stain

The use of hydrogen peroxide is yet another effective method of removing red Gatorade from the carpet. It is always best to purchase 3% hydrogen peroxide from your local drugstore. It contains a bleach substitute that can fade colors. For the best results, use hydrogen peroxide on the white carpet.

  • Pour a small amount of hydrogen peroxide onto the carpet and let it soak.
  • The chemical should be allowed to sit for some time.
  • Use a steam cleaner to take out the stains.
  • In the absence of a steam cleaner, you can use a towel soaked in warm water instead. Once the area is wet, blot it with a clean, dry cloth.

4. Using white vinegar

The use of white vinegar is one of the most popular methods for removing carpet stains. Actually, it has been proven effective for a variety of stains as well. The trick can also be used for red Gatorade. Although this is a simple method, it must be done properly.

  • Mix half the vinegar with half the warm water in a bowl. It is best to use lukewarm water rather than hot because hot water will damage the carpet fabric.
  • Rub the carpet with a white cloth dipped in the solution.
  • Next, cover the stain with a cloth for 30 minutes.
  • Start wiping from the edges rather than the center of the area.
  • Using another soaked cloth, clean the area once more.
  • If you want the carpet to dry quickly, use a dry towel to blot the area.
  • Allow the carpet to air-dry overnight.

5. The use of shaving foam

The shaving foam method can be tried if you don’t have any of the cleaning ingredients we mentioned above. It is a common household item to have shaving foam that can be used for cleaning. The method is extremely cost-effective for removing the red Gatorade from carpets. The shaving foam technique has been used by people for years to clean up stubborn dirt and messes.

  • The shaving foam should be applied to the carpet directly where the red Gatorade spilled.
  • Fill in the area completely to ensure the fibers stay textured and smooth.
  • Let the shaving foam dry for 30 minutes after covering the area thoroughly.
  • Using a white cloth, wipe out the shaving foam, and the stain should disappear.
  • To dispose of residue, prepare a vinegar and water mixture.
  • Dab the area with a site cloth to dry it.

6. Using an alkaline cleaning solution

An alkaline solution is also useful for cleaning. This product is great for removing stubborn stains, such as red Gatorade. Furthermore, the carpet texture does not get damaged by its use on several types of stains. Alkaline needs to be mixed with a cleaning solution before it can be used.

  • Pour one tablespoon of dishwashing soap and one tablespoon of alkaline detergent into a small bowl.
  • Fill the container with half a cup of warm water and blend the ingredients well.
  • Rinse with the solution using a small white cloth. The colored fabric should not be used as it may cause color transparency.
  • Then dab the cloth on the stain and leave it for a few minutes.
  • After that, clean it up with a clean cloth, and the stain will fade.
  • It is impossible to remove the red Gatorade after one attempt. You need to repeat this process twice or three times.
  • Ensure that there is no residue on the carpet by cleaning it with chilled water.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How do you get a red drink stain out of the carpet?

Your best course of action is to act immediately. You will need one to two tablespoons of vinegar plus two cups of warm water. Mix vinegar solution with a sponge and apply directly to the stain. Continue to dab the stain, drying it off in turns, until it disappears. It might take more than one pass to get rid of everything. Rinse with water by using a sponge.

How do you get Gatorade stains out?

Since blue Gatorade has different flavors and elements, oxygen bleach cleaner will remove the stain. Similar to what we discussed earlier; this process is fairly straightforward. You only need to use the oxygen bleach cleaner, which is an alternative to the stain removal solution.

How do you get old red stains out of the carpet?

You can use the 3% hydrogen peroxide technique described above for removing old red stains from carpets.

What stains Cannot be removed from the carpet?

There are different types of carpets, each with its own characteristics. There is no way to guarantee that all carpet fibers will be compatible. These techniques have been reviewed by many users, who agreed that they work well. Nonetheless, you should consult a professional if your technique doesn’t work on the red Gatorade stain. They know how to remove the stain correctly.

Can old stains be removed from the carpet?

In short, yes. If you use one of the methods described above, you can remove old stains from your carpet.


Lastly, it is clear from this article that you can remove the red stain using one of the several methods we’ve described. Trying these tricks right now is the best move you can make. Though they are often compelling, you won’t get your desired results after attempting. So have faith and patience. Continue to repeat the process until you achieve success.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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