Why Do Bathroom Mirrors Fog Up While Taking A Shower

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Sometimes we have seen that our bathroom mirrors are becoming foggy and it look awkward. While you are taking shower there might be the need for hot water and later on, this vapor will create your bathroom mirror foggily. It’s kind of an annoying thing to the users. They feel disturbed and try to get rid of this problem.

We have done some research regarding this fact and trying to solve this issue. Let’s discuss this issue “Why do bathroom mirrors fog up while taking shower & how do defog?”


Why do bathroom mirrors fog up while taking a shower?

When we are taking shower in a closed bathroom where there was a scarcity of ventilation. We often notice that the mirror is fogged up. Now the fog is composed of little droplets of water and we have seen it on the cool surface of a mirror.

The water vapor touches the mirror and suddenly it loses its energy. From the scientific explanation, we have got this.

How to defog bathroom mirrors after a shower?

This is a very common problem that we are facing almost every day and need a permanent solution to this problem. There are several methods that you can apply for perfectly defogging the bathroom mirror.


It is one of the easiest methods of defogging from the mirror. It will work brilliantly as the heat from it will evaporate the fog perfectly. You can simply move this hairdryer over the mirror from one corner to another. It is recommended to use the hairdryer at low heat. Excessive heat will cause damage to the mirror and it is not expected at all.

Shaving Cream

Though it seems a bit awkward it is highly effective too. Our normal shaving cream is helpful to remove the fog from the mirror in the bathroom. It might be costly as a result a plethora of people do not love this method.

Just use the shaving cream over the mirror and use distal water to clean it up and later on you need to clean up the entire bathroom.

As the shaving cream will fall into the floor and it might create some dirt over there. You have to wash them again with soap. Use clean water to remove the shaving cream from the bathroom floor.

Blow dryer

You do not need to be an expert in using this device. Just use this device over the mirror of your washroom and it will remove all the vapor and water from there.

By using a blow dryer you will get the result more quickly than others. In that case, you do not need to use any other device there to clean them up. To be more perfect you can use a thin cloth to clean them up.

Car Wax and Defoggers

This is also another fruitful item that you can use to remove fog from the bathroom mirrors. If you have some additional leftover Car wax then, in this case, it can be a handy choice.

You can use the Car Wax over the mirror and then clean them with a thin tissue. Car Wax is much more effective than any others as it is a certified cleaner device and works well.


A great solution of water and vinegar will do the trick for you. It could be a 50-50 solution. If you do not want to buy a glass cleaner, then it would be the perfect solution. In that case, you will be benefited by using the homemade mixture for cleaning the glass.

Firstly, you need an empty bottle to do this experiment. A cup of water and a cup of vinegar should be mixed properly within the bottle. After that, you can use a simple spray over the head of the bottle.

Now go to the washroom and slowly press the spray and try to clean out the mirror of your washroom. This is a convenient way of cleaning the mirror.

Vinegar does have an odor and it is not flexible for everyone. In that case, I can say it will go after an hour of use. If you tolerate this odor, then it will be easy for you to clean up the mirror at an affordable cost. If not, then you need to follow the above techniques. You have to choose one based on your needs.

Dish Soap

A dishwashing liquid can also do this trick for you. You can use a few liquid soaps and a cleaning towel is enough to start this procedure. Wipe out the mirror with this mixture and try to clean the germs and fog. You need to wait a few minutes to dry them up and then it will be okay.

The problems that you might face in a foggy mirror

A washroom is a place of refreshment and if the mirror is awkward then it might destroy all your happiness. As a result, it is not expected at all.

However, in a closed washroom, it is one kind of daily occurrence that we will face. When you will look at the mirror you will see nothing as it was foggy. This is kind of disgusting when you are in a chilling mood.

As a result, you cannot take it easy. Keep this serious and solve this issue by applying the above techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does a bathroom mirror fog up during a hot shower?

Taking hot showers in the closed bathroom leads the mirror to be foggy. It is due to the water droplets from the steamy water. When you take a hot shower, the tiny water droplets rest on the mirror because of the cool surface as the water evaporates.

Can you make a mirror anti-fog?

Yes, you can use liquid soap or bar soap on the bathroom mirror to stop the fogging. Rub the soap on the mirror before taking a shower, and then wash it using your hands once you are done. However, note not to apply too much pressure and a thick layer as that may leave residue on the mirror.

How do I defog my bathroom mirror in 30 seconds?

You can use a hairdryer to defog the mirror in 30 seconds. Once you are done showering, turn the blower to high temperature and point at your mirror. Thus, it will be all cleaned up soon.

What is the fastest way to defog a bathroom mirror?

The fastest way to defog a bathroom mirror is to use a hairdryer at the maximum temperature. You have to blow the heat on the mirror, and the heat will evaporate the accumulated fog from the mirror, making it all clean.

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Final few words

I hope this tutorial will help you a lot in solving this annoying issue. Be smart and take the proper initiative to remove fog from the bathroom mirrors. If you know any other techniques that might help our users, please do not hesitate to share them with us.

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